Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volcanic Ash and Mercury Retrograde – which Astrological aspects show this global disruption?

Mercury is almost retrograde, yet already we are seeing huge frustrations and blockages in travel throughout the world. It is, however, in its shadow from 4th April until 28th May, so we can expect to see more disruptions during this period.

With Mercury going retrograde in Taurus, this means that “earthly” challenges can result. The volcano is spewing out ash from the earth, we have had a huge amount of earthquakes in various parts of the world over the last few months and this is set to increase.

On a more personal level, during this Mercury retrograde in Taurus, it is a great time to sort out any repairs, annoyances around the house that you have been putting off doing. It’s time to get your practical situation in order and to solve any blockages that are preventing you from being productive in your everyday life.

The other aspects astrologically that could have contributed to the volcanic ash are the fact that Saturn is opposing Uranus. Uranus rules air travel and with it being opposite Saturn this could mean delays, frustrations or restrictions. Uranus would indicate disruptions and sudden changes.

We also have Neptune in Aquarius quincunx Saturn in Virgo. The Neptune in Aquarius could relate to confusion and uncertainty in air travel together with challenges, obstructions and difficulties coming from Saturn in Virgo. Virgo rules routines and they are certainly being disrupted during this aspect.

Let me just recap the things to watch out for during Mercury retrograde:

Signing legal documents
Closing big deals
Launching new projects
Scheduling meetings to make a big decision
Backup your hard drive before the retrograde
Avoid installing new computer software during the retrograde
Do needed repairs on machinery before the retrograde

It’s a good time to:
Do follow ups on a project already started
Complete a project already started
Research a new project thoroughly
Catch up on paperwork
Hold an information-sharing meeting