Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mercury Retrograde - some interesting tales

We are about halfway through this Mercury retrograde and it's very interesting to see what's been happening around the world:
Firstly, the u-turn from the White House announcing its intention scrap its missile-defense plans. There are those who claim this a huge step backwards that will jeopardize the USA safety and that of its closest allies. But, true to form, with Mercury retrograde, this is a major change in policy.
With Mercury retrograding back into Virgo now, expect some reversals to be announced with respect to the Obama's health care proposals.

On a lighter note, in the UK, an assistant in a medal shop was very pleased with herself for selling some medals while her boss was out at lunch. He, however, was not so pleased as she had misread the price. She had sold the precious metals for GBP18.50, instead of GBP1850.00!! Another case of Mercury retrograde causing our mental accuracy into question.

On a personal level, I bought a very expensive software a couple of months ago. It has always had various niggly problems that the engineer has been unable to sort out. However, this week, he came out and sorted everything easily and quickly. Again, Mercury retrograde helping to complete a problem that had been ongoing for several weeks.

A student of mine lost her keys just prior to Mercury going retrograde. She lost them somewhere in my Astrology class. We looked high and low to try to find those keys - she must have had them to drive to school and open up the classroom - but to no avail. I kept on insisting that they would turn up when Mercury went retrograde. And, yes, in the most unlikely place, they had fallen behind a pile of books and papers, we found them a couple of days ago!!

So Mercury retrograde works on lots of different levels. You can use it positively to help you with your life, but if you go against it, beware of the consequences! Enjoy the rest of the retrograde!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturn opposing Uranus yet again

This week, Saturn and Uranus oppose one another. Once again, we are going to see the battle between the old and the new, the conservatives and the radicals and the possibility of a total paradigm shift. With Saturn being in Virgo, it is not surprising that the focus in the US is on the health care reform - with Obama receiving much resistance from his own party let alone the Republicans. It is important that Obama does not try to push through his reforms too hard at the moment as his Mars is being transited by Saturn - so he will have to be extremely patient, tolerant and not too forceful. Otherwise, he risks the whole thing backfiring on him and he will not achieve what he wants to do. Within two to three weeks, this conjunction will be behind him and if he can hold out until then, he will be more likely to achieve success in his goals with healthcare.

The last two oppositions of Saturn and Uranus were very powerful with stock markets around the world plummeting about three to four weeks after the opposition. So I would expect some dips and falls to occur within the next month or so.

Gold is at $1005 an ounce at the end of this week, as I predicted in October 2008 that it would go over $1000 an ounce and would go up to at least $1500 an ounce.

Watch this space!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Death in Astrology

I am often asked about whether I can see a long or short life in an astrology chart. Let me give you some pointers as to what one would look for:

Eighth House
The eighth house rules all things usually hidden which include, sex, death, and taxes. As it rules "other people’s money" it rules inheritances, insurance, and joint monies between spouses and/or business partners. If there are no planets in your natal eighth house, you look to the ruler of the cusp of your 8th house and note its condition by aspect, sign, and house placement in your chart.

Sun and Moon Aspects
If the Sun and Moon, are very harshly aspected by Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto, this can indicate a short life. Others with less threatening aspects will likely have a life of medium length. A well aspected Saturn is an indicator of a long life. But there have to be other supporting aspects to fulfill this promise. It is important to remember that length of a life does not necessarily correlate with soul advancement. Some people start out being unpleasant and they become more unpleasant as they get older.

Before the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, Saturn was the indicator of death. Saturn constricts and restrains (remember there are a lot of constricting rings around it). Saturn rules the religions that are full of a lot of "Thy shalt nots...". There are lots of rules of what you can’t do but there is very little emphasis on what is good to do for soul development.
Saturn slows down any process, especially the process of the use of energy by your physical body. Therefore if Saturn is involved, it usually indicates a slow death due to a long illness. The soul usually has time to prepare for the exit. This is normally an expected death, therefore the native has time to say good-bye and to better prepare for the soul’s journey. The sign Saturn is in your natal chart indicates what part of the body is the weakest. The parts of the body that rule the signs in square and opposition to your natal Saturn will also cause health problems. The movement of the planets through the sky (transits) and how they aspect the planets in your natal chart are very important in matters of health.

Mars poorly aspected in the chart can indicate accidents and wounds by gunfire, knives, or any sharp instrument.
Mars is most dangerous when in difficult aspect (conjunct, square, or opposition) to Uranus. Uranus is sudden events, like lightning striking. Uranus is unexpected and often involves cars, planes, and trains. The soul exits the body very quickly and suddenly when Uranus is involved.

Poorly aspected Neptune often indicates alcoholism or damage by drugs. Neptune is associated with a slowly wasting disease or condition as Neptune dissolves. It can indicate the wrong medicine given by a doctor. It is the planet associated with the sea, therefore death by drowning. Neptune is also prominently aspected during earthquakes.

Pluto harshly aspected indicates a conflict concerning power. Pluto rules the underground, figuratively and symbolically. Pluto ruled Enron’s abuse of other people’s money. Mining, ruled by Pluto, is regarded as the most dangerous job on this planet. Mining is usually underground and it is also messing with "Mother Nature" and she usually gets her own back.