Friday, September 4, 2009

Death in Astrology

I am often asked about whether I can see a long or short life in an astrology chart. Let me give you some pointers as to what one would look for:

Eighth House
The eighth house rules all things usually hidden which include, sex, death, and taxes. As it rules "other people’s money" it rules inheritances, insurance, and joint monies between spouses and/or business partners. If there are no planets in your natal eighth house, you look to the ruler of the cusp of your 8th house and note its condition by aspect, sign, and house placement in your chart.

Sun and Moon Aspects
If the Sun and Moon, are very harshly aspected by Mars, Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto, this can indicate a short life. Others with less threatening aspects will likely have a life of medium length. A well aspected Saturn is an indicator of a long life. But there have to be other supporting aspects to fulfill this promise. It is important to remember that length of a life does not necessarily correlate with soul advancement. Some people start out being unpleasant and they become more unpleasant as they get older.

Before the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were discovered, Saturn was the indicator of death. Saturn constricts and restrains (remember there are a lot of constricting rings around it). Saturn rules the religions that are full of a lot of "Thy shalt nots...". There are lots of rules of what you can’t do but there is very little emphasis on what is good to do for soul development.
Saturn slows down any process, especially the process of the use of energy by your physical body. Therefore if Saturn is involved, it usually indicates a slow death due to a long illness. The soul usually has time to prepare for the exit. This is normally an expected death, therefore the native has time to say good-bye and to better prepare for the soul’s journey. The sign Saturn is in your natal chart indicates what part of the body is the weakest. The parts of the body that rule the signs in square and opposition to your natal Saturn will also cause health problems. The movement of the planets through the sky (transits) and how they aspect the planets in your natal chart are very important in matters of health.

Mars poorly aspected in the chart can indicate accidents and wounds by gunfire, knives, or any sharp instrument.
Mars is most dangerous when in difficult aspect (conjunct, square, or opposition) to Uranus. Uranus is sudden events, like lightning striking. Uranus is unexpected and often involves cars, planes, and trains. The soul exits the body very quickly and suddenly when Uranus is involved.

Poorly aspected Neptune often indicates alcoholism or damage by drugs. Neptune is associated with a slowly wasting disease or condition as Neptune dissolves. It can indicate the wrong medicine given by a doctor. It is the planet associated with the sea, therefore death by drowning. Neptune is also prominently aspected during earthquakes.

Pluto harshly aspected indicates a conflict concerning power. Pluto rules the underground, figuratively and symbolically. Pluto ruled Enron’s abuse of other people’s money. Mining, ruled by Pluto, is regarded as the most dangerous job on this planet. Mining is usually underground and it is also messing with "Mother Nature" and she usually gets her own back.

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