Saturday, August 29, 2009

Global Changes Astrologically Speaking

I mentioned over the last couple of weeks that we were likely to see many important and serious events connected with the earth, people, politics and the economy. There were four tropical storms in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, there was a devastating typhoon in Taiwan, forest fires in California and in Australia and earthquakes in Japan. The Neptune conjunct Jupiter caused great sadness with the death of yet another Kennedy in the space of one month. This time it was Edward Kennedy, a very significant senator in US history. Financially, President Obama announced the re-appointment of Ben Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. This was a well-timed decision as the markets needed assurance and consistency and this appointment produced that result.

There are no major changes until Mercury goes retrograde on September 6th. This lasts through September 29th and this potentially will have a great impact due to the fact that Saturn is in direct opposition to Uranus on September 15th. This also coincides with the one-year anniversary of economy panic around the world.

When Saturn makes its third opposition to Uranus on September 15th we are likely to see more huge changes and upheavals. Let’s look at what happened on the previous two occasions. The first was on November 4th 2008 as the United States elected a new president. The second passage was on February 5th 2009 and the stock market at that time was on a major cycle crest. In both cases the Dow Jones Index dropped over 2000 points within the next 3-4 weeks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the pattern will repeat again this time, but it is best to be forewarned.

This opposition could be most significant because there is a new moon on September 17th-18th which will conjunct Saturn. The new moon may coincide with a sense of building something constructive and long-lasting. But what exactly is being built especially as Mercury is retrograde? What kinds of decisions are being made? Last year, after the September 15th full moon and start of the crisis, Mercury went retrograde and the TARP programmes were passed by Congress and the White House and then had to be altered over and over again. This is typical of a Mercury retrograde cycle. Government leaders need to be careful about rushing into decisions before the time is ripe. The new moon and Saturn in Virgo, the sign of health may indicate that issues of health care and insurance reform proposals will be at the forefront.

On a more personal level, while Mercury is retrograde here are a few tips:
Signing legal documents
Closing big deals
Launching new projects
Scheduling meetings to make a big decision
Backup your hard drive before the retrograde
Avoid installing new computer software during the retrograde
Do needed repairs on machinery before the retrograde

It’s a good time to:
Do follow ups on a project already started
Complete a project already started
Research a new project thoroughly
Catch up on paperwork
Hold an information-sharing meeting

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