Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grand Alignment in Aquarius

With five planets and the North Node in Aquarius on February 24th 2009, there can be little doubt that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. The planets involved are: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. What does all this mean for you in your life?
We are entering a new consciousness in which there are going to be huge changes in human thought. Aquarius rules changes brought about by the mind and the humanitarian forces that want quality for everyone on the planet.
It is the Fixed nature of Aquarius, that "fixes" or "sets" the thoughts and consciousness occurring in this sign into permanent karmic changes along the evolutionary path of man's history. Notice how much President Barack Obama with an Aquarius South Node (which rules the past tense) constantly draws on the precepts of Abraham Lincoln (Sun in Aquarius) as he tried to relate to the needs of the common man
This sign Aquarius always signifies the daring self-will of man to seek beyond the immediate in a quest to discover new possibilities. Aquarius seeks to bring fairness and equality, freedom of spirit and hope to the masses, in easing the plight of the common man.
Being the opposite sign to Leo, which rules the ego, Aquarius wishes to bring about better circumstances and conditions for everyone on the planet and beyond.
During this grand Aquarian configuration, we see the forces of emotion (the Moon) of communication (Mercury, action (Mars), hope (Jupiter), imagination (Neptune) and the highest area of human expression (the North Node), all coming together to bring into consciousness, fresh unique approaches to our common shared problems and challenges. Aquarius is a fair sign, always reaching out to the disadvantaged, the needy- always trying to bring more education (Aquarius rules higher learning and universal intellect ) to the masses, to free manking of spiritual ignorance and moral decadence.
If we wish to be evolved, we must become karmically aware. We must learn that to hurt another or ignore the suffering of another person, is to hurt our universal self, destroying our contact and conneciton with the goodness of universal mind with which we would like to identify. We cannot evolve as long as we turn our backs to the suffering of others. This is the lesson of Aquarius, for it teaches us that naking as a whole is not different or separate from ourselves.
This grand alignment of Aquarius planets is to teach us that we must participate in the greater scheme of universal evolution, and not just let others do things for us or believe that our actions are separate from the fate of the whole. We must not elect our rulers and governments every few years and then sit back and let them go everything. We must be involved in our fate and with the advent of mobile phones and the internet (Aquarius rules electronic communication) it becomes easier for our common voices to be heard as we contribute to the shaping of human destiny.
This Aquarius alignment (just before the New Moon in Pisces), is a good time to meditate on our place amidst the larger evolving universe and our relationship to it, so that instead of fearing the future, we can become an active part of how it is created. Think about ways in which you can become involved in your community:
Can you help someone in need? Can you start a farmer's market and have locally grown food in your community? Can you start growing your own food? What can you do to contribute to your community becoming more self-sufficient?
Are you an inventor - can you help with new ideas about the energy crisis? Can you come up with new modes of transportation?
What kind of education should we be giving our children?
The next 20 years are going be completely unlike the last 20 years - we are turning a huge corner - and it is a great time, with the New Moon in Pisces on 24th February, to start to think about your contribution to these exciting Aquarian times!

Have fun!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The aspects and world events

Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius this week. Mars can be combative and Jupiter can exaggerate, and once again, we are seeing the politics of Washington becoming more and more divisive. What happens in the US, affects the rest of the world, so I will focus this blog on what I see happening in the US.

Instead of working on goodwill and a spirit of cooperation which are the positive sides of Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, are instead seeing antagonism and an entrenchment of both sides in their beliefs that they are right. This is the downside of Aquarius: an arrogant sense of being right about one’s beliefs, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. This is not a good climate for honest debate. This will probably become even more magnified when Mercury goes into Sagittarius on 20th February. Not only are opinions expressed with exaggerated urgency, but so too are price swings in many financial markets, especially precious metals during this period.

However, the most serious time coming up will be between March 6th and 12th, when Venus turns retrograde, and the full moon will take on the same degrees as the Saturn – Uranus opposition. Everything is building up into that time frame, like the pressure building up in a boiling pot of hot water. Everyone is talking but nobody is listening. This could result in sharply falling stock prices and real estate prices.

It’s been an erratic week for President Obama. Transiting Pluto is opposing his natal Venus, and he must be wondering: “What do I have to do to get everyone working with me?” The Republicans, especially as not into giving Obama the love he wants, which is one of the messages of Pluto in opposition to one’s Venus. Venus is love, but Pluto is rejection. No matter how much he tries to bring peace and harmony, there are still those who are rejecting him.

As if that is not enough, transiting Uranus is opposite Obama’s Mars too – all year long. This is a test of his “Mr Nice Guy” image. When Uranus transits in opposition to one’s natal Mars, one can suddenly let loose with anger built up from the frustration of trying and not being accepted. This is certainly a time when his patience is being tested, and it will take all his inner strength to remain calm. He needs to be especially careful with how he reacts during these next two months.

Not only is Obama’s Mars being hit by Uranus and Saturn, but so is the USA’s natal Mars at 20 degrees Gemini. Could the honeymoon period be over? I think not as Jupiter is still coming up to Neptune. He is still the star and still holds the hope of being a hero to the nation. He could use some help, however as he cannot do it alone. The next full moon (March 12th) will be an astrological repeat of the September 15th 2008 full moon, when former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen made his infamous economic and banking reassurance speech. That started the economic collapse and crisis last autumn. Geithner and Obama have a chance to correct that and get it right on the next full moon in early March. If they can do that, the fairy tale doesn’t have to end just yet.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

More Future Predictions

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts about future trends. This may be helpful to you in preparing yourself for the future shocks we are all going to experience in one way or another. Uranus in Pisces opposing Saturn in Virgo is sure to bring about many things we cannot anticipate. However, my aim in this blog is to prepare you best I can as things stand at the moment.

Firstly, I see major changes happening in the phone and telecommunications industry which will not necessarily be for the better. They will attempt to streamline their operations, but in doing this, they will eliminate a lot of things that were working just fine. If you are already in this industry, you may want to lobby against sweeping changes, or at least find yourself a niche in which you will be able to offer the services that the large companies will discard. This again is the effect that Uranus will have when it opposes Saturn: it means that new innovations in the telecommunications industry (Uranus) will be met with structural changes (Saturn). I don't expect that the all the new structures will work very well as Uranus needs more freedom than Saturn will allow.

I have spoken repeatedly about the effects of Pluto in Capricorn - a new cycle that began on November 26th 2008 and is with us for about another 16 years:
Governments need to have much more control over the monies that are being used for bailouts. There needs to be greater accountability and the fact that so many busineses and banks are being nationalised, means that CEO's and leaders will have to be responsible and act with integrity. The age of greed and reckless risk-taking is coming to an end. Indeed, the fact that Obama has wisely limited the pay of executives in the banking industry at $500,000 is a step in the right direction. Watch out for the UK to follow suit in the next few weeks. Pluto in Capricorn demands integrity and ethics in business. Anything unhealthy will be revealed and thrown out to make way for a whole new way of doing business that is more equitable and morally acceptable.

Neptune is in Aquarius and Uranus is in Pisces - i.e. in mutual reception to one another. This will bring about great unrest in the oil industry. Neptune rules the oil industry and Uranus rules shocks and explosions. So you can expect great changes and disruptions in the oil industry. Oilwells will get blown up, there will be huge changes both at the pump and some in production. We will all feel the effects of these disruptions.

Saturn in Virgo opposing Uranus in Pisces means that there will be a fine line between cooperation between countries and the return of protectionism. As economies begin to shrink, there is a tendency for each country to want to protect its workers and its products (Saturn). So if there is a great imbalance - for example between the US and Japan at present - the US feels they are losing out as Japan will not import their goods, but the Japanese are exporting their goods to the US. This will need to be brought back into balance or there are going to be serious consequences for us all around the world.

Neptune and Uranus in mutual reception will cause food supplies to become scarcer. There will have to be more government programmes for the destitute. There will be more tent cities.

There will be more natural disasters than ever before in the history of the world.

There will probably be an increase in infant mortality with more homeless and more orphans globally.

People will go a lot less travelling. The airlines will be hurting a whole lot more than they are at present. Expect to see more consolidation of the industry.

The ones who will suffer the most will be importers and exporters of produce. For example, fish and meats. Getting stuff to market will be harder and transporting perishables great distances will become too costly.

The clothing industry will take a severe cut.

There will be millions more unemployed.

On the positive side, education will improve especially at the higher levels. Health care coverage will also go up. Insurance companies will have to offer more coverage for less money.

For the first time in years, people will hold onto their money rather than spend it.(Saturn opposite Uranus).

There will be a lot of want in general.

There will be too many things that will catch us by surprise. I see at least 10 years ahead of us that will involve hardship.

Here are my tips for preparing yourself:

Your Health: get it as good as you can NOW. While there is still access to vitamins and medical care. Get yourself checked out and do whatever needs to be done. Get any dental work done too.

Consolidate and pay off your debts

Choose a career that will not close down and start training for it now: technology, sustainable living, working the land, bookkeeping and accounts.

Get your car fixed up and working well

If you can get a small tract of land that you can farm, grow veggies and have a few chickens, then you will at least have food to eat and maybe to share.

Remember, it's not all bad, but it doesn't cost much to prepare yourself best you can.

Remember too, that I have said all along, that there will be things that come out that we cannot expect at this time. We are all going to be surprised and shocked. So it makes sense to do the simple things to protect yourself now.