Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grand Alignment in Aquarius

With five planets and the North Node in Aquarius on February 24th 2009, there can be little doubt that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius. The planets involved are: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. What does all this mean for you in your life?
We are entering a new consciousness in which there are going to be huge changes in human thought. Aquarius rules changes brought about by the mind and the humanitarian forces that want quality for everyone on the planet.
It is the Fixed nature of Aquarius, that "fixes" or "sets" the thoughts and consciousness occurring in this sign into permanent karmic changes along the evolutionary path of man's history. Notice how much President Barack Obama with an Aquarius South Node (which rules the past tense) constantly draws on the precepts of Abraham Lincoln (Sun in Aquarius) as he tried to relate to the needs of the common man
This sign Aquarius always signifies the daring self-will of man to seek beyond the immediate in a quest to discover new possibilities. Aquarius seeks to bring fairness and equality, freedom of spirit and hope to the masses, in easing the plight of the common man.
Being the opposite sign to Leo, which rules the ego, Aquarius wishes to bring about better circumstances and conditions for everyone on the planet and beyond.
During this grand Aquarian configuration, we see the forces of emotion (the Moon) of communication (Mercury, action (Mars), hope (Jupiter), imagination (Neptune) and the highest area of human expression (the North Node), all coming together to bring into consciousness, fresh unique approaches to our common shared problems and challenges. Aquarius is a fair sign, always reaching out to the disadvantaged, the needy- always trying to bring more education (Aquarius rules higher learning and universal intellect ) to the masses, to free manking of spiritual ignorance and moral decadence.
If we wish to be evolved, we must become karmically aware. We must learn that to hurt another or ignore the suffering of another person, is to hurt our universal self, destroying our contact and conneciton with the goodness of universal mind with which we would like to identify. We cannot evolve as long as we turn our backs to the suffering of others. This is the lesson of Aquarius, for it teaches us that naking as a whole is not different or separate from ourselves.
This grand alignment of Aquarius planets is to teach us that we must participate in the greater scheme of universal evolution, and not just let others do things for us or believe that our actions are separate from the fate of the whole. We must not elect our rulers and governments every few years and then sit back and let them go everything. We must be involved in our fate and with the advent of mobile phones and the internet (Aquarius rules electronic communication) it becomes easier for our common voices to be heard as we contribute to the shaping of human destiny.
This Aquarius alignment (just before the New Moon in Pisces), is a good time to meditate on our place amidst the larger evolving universe and our relationship to it, so that instead of fearing the future, we can become an active part of how it is created. Think about ways in which you can become involved in your community:
Can you help someone in need? Can you start a farmer's market and have locally grown food in your community? Can you start growing your own food? What can you do to contribute to your community becoming more self-sufficient?
Are you an inventor - can you help with new ideas about the energy crisis? Can you come up with new modes of transportation?
What kind of education should we be giving our children?
The next 20 years are going be completely unlike the last 20 years - we are turning a huge corner - and it is a great time, with the New Moon in Pisces on 24th February, to start to think about your contribution to these exciting Aquarian times!

Have fun!

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