Saturday, February 14, 2009

The aspects and world events

Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Aquarius this week. Mars can be combative and Jupiter can exaggerate, and once again, we are seeing the politics of Washington becoming more and more divisive. What happens in the US, affects the rest of the world, so I will focus this blog on what I see happening in the US.

Instead of working on goodwill and a spirit of cooperation which are the positive sides of Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, are instead seeing antagonism and an entrenchment of both sides in their beliefs that they are right. This is the downside of Aquarius: an arrogant sense of being right about one’s beliefs, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. This is not a good climate for honest debate. This will probably become even more magnified when Mercury goes into Sagittarius on 20th February. Not only are opinions expressed with exaggerated urgency, but so too are price swings in many financial markets, especially precious metals during this period.

However, the most serious time coming up will be between March 6th and 12th, when Venus turns retrograde, and the full moon will take on the same degrees as the Saturn – Uranus opposition. Everything is building up into that time frame, like the pressure building up in a boiling pot of hot water. Everyone is talking but nobody is listening. This could result in sharply falling stock prices and real estate prices.

It’s been an erratic week for President Obama. Transiting Pluto is opposing his natal Venus, and he must be wondering: “What do I have to do to get everyone working with me?” The Republicans, especially as not into giving Obama the love he wants, which is one of the messages of Pluto in opposition to one’s Venus. Venus is love, but Pluto is rejection. No matter how much he tries to bring peace and harmony, there are still those who are rejecting him.

As if that is not enough, transiting Uranus is opposite Obama’s Mars too – all year long. This is a test of his “Mr Nice Guy” image. When Uranus transits in opposition to one’s natal Mars, one can suddenly let loose with anger built up from the frustration of trying and not being accepted. This is certainly a time when his patience is being tested, and it will take all his inner strength to remain calm. He needs to be especially careful with how he reacts during these next two months.

Not only is Obama’s Mars being hit by Uranus and Saturn, but so is the USA’s natal Mars at 20 degrees Gemini. Could the honeymoon period be over? I think not as Jupiter is still coming up to Neptune. He is still the star and still holds the hope of being a hero to the nation. He could use some help, however as he cannot do it alone. The next full moon (March 12th) will be an astrological repeat of the September 15th 2008 full moon, when former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen made his infamous economic and banking reassurance speech. That started the economic collapse and crisis last autumn. Geithner and Obama have a chance to correct that and get it right on the next full moon in early March. If they can do that, the fairy tale doesn’t have to end just yet.

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