Thursday, August 11, 2011

Full Moon in Aquarius August 13th 2011

There is great unrest and uncertainty all around us. Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, climate change, economic upheaval, political crises…the list goes on. We are seeing this on a global and national level and also on a personal level. More and more we are learning how to adapt to changes that we might never have anticipated. Aquarius by nature is an innovator and is driven to create a better future for all of us.

In your life you may be feeling stuck, knowing that you need to make changes, but you are too scared to make the move. Depending on where this Full Moon in Aquarius is occurring in your chart, will show you where changes are urgent and imminent. Some things just have to go in order to make way for the new.

This Full Moon in Aquarius will show you where you need to be more independent, more creative and more innovative in your life. Aquarius is all about breaking new ground, rebelling against the status quo, being an individual and yet wanting the best for everyone. It gives you an opportunity to take a more objective, analytical view of your life without so much emotionality. Prepare yourself for surprises and be ready to respond in new ways to different situations.

Good things to do:
Come up with new ideas
Have a brainstorming session with some other people
Be different
Reach out to others with compassion and caring
Be inspiring or go to an inspiring event, speaker, workshop
Meet up with different, off-beat people
Awaken your mind
Celebrate your uniqueness
Be with people who are stimulating and who get you to think differently
Encourage other people to be themselves
Appreciate your freedom
Do some social networking
Meet up with friends
Help others and volunteer in your community
Take up meditation and get in touch with your higher self
Do something new and creative
Reach out and connect with like-minded people
Make some new friends
Allow yourself space in your life to do what you want
Give the other people in your life space and freedom
Study what makes you different and enjoy it!

Questions to ask yourself:
What are my dreams telling me?
Do I allow myself full creative expression?
How can I connect more with others?
Am I open to having my world shaken up?
Can I be passionate without becoming possessive or too intense?
Can I be rational without being too detached and cool?
Where in my life do I need to break out and be wild and crazy?
How can I think more outside the box?
What is my sense of purpose?
What can I do for the good of all?

You may have been working assiduously towards changes in your life that are now beginning to come to fruition and yet you may be getting cold feet. With this Full Moon, take a breather and think carefully before you give up or move forward. This is a crossroads – a time of closing and opening doors. In my chart, this Full Moon falls in my 8th house. I’ll have to watch out that I am not being over-possessive about property or clinging onto things that are past their sell by date. It will also be a time to come up with new ideas for helping my clients take more control over their finances.

Maybe it’s falling in your fourth house of home and family. Is there something you haven’t wanted to look at that you’ve been avoiding in this area? Be ready for some surprises. For example, if you have been trying to sell a property without success, you may come up with a very creative idea for selling it quickly and easily. You may suddenly have a brainwave as to how to resolve a family issue that has been affecting you adversely.

Enjoy this Full Moon in Aquarius where you will have an opportunity to take a break from your emotions and look at your life in a more detached, unique and productive way.