Thursday, December 8, 2011

Full Moon in Gemini December 10th

Gemini rules anything connected with education, intelligence, learning, studying, sharing, travelling, socialising, speaking, writing, connecting with people, networking and communications.

This is a time to be social, it will be easier to meet new people, share ideas and enjoy having fun and playing together. It’s a great time to catch up with friends and family – not only in person, but by snail mail, email, text, Skype and also with your extended family on the Internet. Anything connected with writing and communication is highlighted, books, libraries, clubs, family gatherings and community or neighbourhood activities.

Be prepared for lots of mental stimulation and feeling as though your mind is all over the place. You may have many different ideas coming up at the same time and you might not be able to decide which direction to go in. You mind might be racing, you will be filled with ideas, inspiration, intellectual energy and you might speak too quickly. You may feel torn in two different directions. You might be torn between two lovers or you might feel your work and your love life are pulling you into different directions. Gemini often represents duality and the issue of choice.

Let someone in your life know you appreciate them and do it in a creative way with the light touch of Gemini. You might do it with a smile, a word, a poem, a text, a joke – just something that makes them feel appreciated and special.

Your emotional state may be changeable: one minute up the next minute down. Try to stay flexible and in the moment. It’s a great time for sharing just about anything: jokes, songs, poetry, thoughts, ideas, problems, solutions.

Good things to do:
Try to sit quietly and still your mind
Write down all the ideas, problems and possible solutions that are passing through your mind
Let your mind be free to come up with new ideas
If you have a problem – write your problem at the top of the page and then just freestyle all the ideas that you pop into your head
If you are feeling indecisive about something, write down the consequences of taking action or not taking action. See which option will have the more favourable outcome.
Speak what’s on your mind
Go to a concert
Go to a party or have your own party
Absorb lots of pieces of information, and distill their essence
Watch comedies, farces and anything with humour
Play games e.g. scrabble, charades, pass the parcel etc.
Visit the library or bookstore
Catch up on correspondence and phone calls
Do anything involving your hands e.g. painting, making clothes, jewellery
Make presents and cards
Share in public something you have been working on in secret
Go to a karaoke night and have a go yourself
Meet up with a friend for coffee and a chat
Join a new social network
Write a poem
Compose a song or the lyrics for a song

It’s a good time for coming up with the ideas, but not the best time for actually making decisions. Wait until the Full Moon energies have passed before you make a final decision.

Questions to ask yourself:
Where do you need to be heard?
Where do you need to listen more?
How can you communicate in a way that gets the results you desire?

This Full Moon falls in my 12th house and it’s a time for deep thinking within, not necessarily too much socialising, but a time of healing from past pains of being misunderstood or not feeling as though I was heard. Old patterns from the past come up for re-examination and it’s time for me to see both sides of what happened and to gain a new perspective of the past so that I can move on now into new friendships and relationships with greater wisdom and understanding. I’ll also be writing another ebook as the twelfth house placement gives me a great opportunity to get words on paper without having outside distractions to pull me off course. I should be able to get a lot done!

Perhaps it falls in your third house of communication and learning. This would be a great time for visiting friends, people in your community, networking, marketing, anything involving technology and communication with others.