Sunday, March 1, 2009

Venus Retrograde - what does it mean?

Venus Retrograde

Venus in Aries goes retrograde from March 7th – April 18th. What does this mean and how could it affect you? It occurs approximately every eighteen months and being aware of its energies can help you to make more effective decisions during this period.

Venus represents relationships and money. She also rules feelings and emotions, relationships, fashion, social attitudes and behaviour, romance, marriage and the pursuit of pleasure. When a planet goes retrograde its influence becomes more subtle.

You may find yourself dealing with past debts, because Venus governs your finances. Aries is normally very impulsive, but when retrograde, it acts differently, and even greatest risk-takers amongst you will want to devote more of your income to savings. You will not feel like taking any gambles and will want to reduce your outgoings.

You may notice that people will dress with less flair and your colour sense might be muted.

Good things to do during a Venus retrograde:

Any creative or artistic endeavours – it’s a great time to start writing that book, composing some music, playing music, painting, sculpting, gardening, cooking…

Take care of any unfinished business in all your relationships. People from the past may come back into your life at this time and you will be given the opportunity for closure if needed.

Deal with any outstanding financial issues that need to be sorted out.

Make sure you keep your receipts or guarantees if you purchase anything during this period.

Think carefully about your relationships. Is there enough balance? Are you giving too much and not getting your own needs met? It’s a good time to gain new insight into your way of relating on all levels: financially, creatively and sexually.

What to avoid:

It’s not a good time for beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery or redecorating. The problem with a retrograde is that often it has to be repeated. President Obama was elected during a Mercury retrograde and he had to be sworn in twice. There may well be other things he will have to do twice as a result.

Do your best to resist the urge to financial extravagance. It’s not the best time to go out and buy clothes or jewellery.

Don’t change your hairstyle or colour – it probably won’t come out the way you want it to and you might be upset. Best to wait until the retrograde is over.

You may notice that the pace of your relationships slows down. It’s not the best time to give big parties or do any large social events.

If you meet someone new that you think you are in love with, go carefully and cautiously and wait until the retrograde is over before you make any serious decisions.

Take the time to complete any outstanding issues concerning your finances and your relationships, both business and personal, and when Venus goes direct on April 17th, you will be ready for the new opportunities that will start to emerge.

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