Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G20 meeting - how is it aspected astrologically?

The meeting on April 2nd between the G20 countries is the focus of world interest at the moment. As the global financial crisis seems to be deepening, are there any clues in the line-up of the planets that can indicate possible outcomes of this summit?

The first aspect that jumps out is the square between Pluto in Capricorn and Venus (retrograde) in Aries. Venus rules currencies and the finances of a country and the world, while Pluto rules the banks, investments, the systems with which we run our economies. The square indicates differences of opinion between countries - and we already see that with the stance that France and Germany are taking against that of the UK and the US. China and Russia both want a new world currency, or at least something that is not tied to the US dollar any more. So there are huge differences of opinion at the outset and enormous issues that need to be ironed out quickly.

The fact that the banks have been given billions and billions of dollars in bailout packages and yet still they are not lending, shows that the current ways of tackling the crisis are not working. The interbank market is frozen as banks are not lending to one another which shows that their balance sheets must still be in dreadful shape despite the money that has been pumped into them. Pluto in Capricorn is going to force bankers to come out into the open and to reveal what is really going on. The situation is likely to be much worse than previously anticipated.

As Venus is retrograde is retrograde until April 17th, this means that governments will keep changing the ground rules about finances and money systems. There will also be some turnaround actions in the tax arena. Get ready for increased taxes in all areas: property, income, sales, - governments will want to recoup their monies and lessen their deficits - and guess who will be at the end of this? Yes, you the taxpayer.

So with this aspect of Venus square Pluto you can expect conflicts of opinion, more scandals to be revealed, bankers still concealing their activities, changes in policy from one week to another, more protectionism between countries.

Add to this the opposition of Saturn in Virgo with Uranus in Pisces which has been going on for much of last year and will continue until August 2010 and you have a melting pot of the anger of the people who feel they have been used and abused and the bankers and governments who want to try to continue holding onto their power and robbing the middle classes of their wealth. There will be the threat of violence, riots and some governments will be unseated in this debacle.

Uranus represents rebellion, revolution and uprisings, while Saturn represents fear, status quo and control. They are two opposing energies that are going to become stronger and more volatile as this crisis deepens.

Let's hope that the G20 countries can find some agreement between themselves that will enable us all to move forward with greater equality and fairness for all and not just for the elite few.

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