Saturday, March 7, 2009

Full Moon in Virgo - its meaning on a global and personal level

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on March 10th – March 11th this week. The world seems to be in great need of healing and the Full Moon in Virgo is especially suited to healing. However, many of us might find the cure a difficult one to swallow. This particular Full Moon is sitting on the Uranus/Saturn opposition that is activated until August 2010. It’s the fight between the old and the new and with Uranus involved, be ready to expect the unexpected. There will be many times in the forthcoming months that people will say “I could never have seen that coming!” You will see this in the press, the media, in your personal relationships, just about everywhere.

Saturn rules form and structure, the old, unchanging ways, as well as discipline and responsibility. Uranus energises freedom and innovation, the breakdown of outmoded structures and restricting beliefs. It brings in the new, quickly and unexpectedly and sometimes with great force. With the Sun conjunct Uranus in Pisces at the moment, we can consciously embrace the new and revolutionary energies awake in the world. With the Moon conjunct Saturn in Virgo, our unconscious fears and limitations hold us back from the innovations we need to implement in our lives.
The lesson of a full Moon is awareness, so use this time to become aware of these tensions in your life. You can see the tension in the political arena already. The ultra-conservatives have decided to prophesise the downfall of America and the western world rather than see the opportunities to revamp and revise a badly out-of-balance system. It almost seems like they’d rather have the world go down into the darkness than use our creative invention to re-imagine ourselves and reinvent our economy. It’s because they’re afraid to let go. The system doesn’t work anymore. It needs revamping. That’s where Venus will help. Perhaps by the time she goes direct around April 16th and April 17th, we’ll have a more comprehensive vision that sees we’re all in this together.

This full Moon will highlight the personal tensions this opposition brings us as well. What have you been trying to achieve? What haven’t you been able to let go of? The energies of Pisces and Virgo are very mystical, service-oriented and sublime. Both these signs demand that we let go of ego and allow Spirit its say. They both seek improvement of the situation. While Pisces knows that we are all one, Virgo knows that each of us has a part to play in the whole. These two signs unite the one and the many. Whatever we do from now on, must take everyone else – people, plants, animals, the Earth – into consideration. It’s a great time to ask how you can be of service, and then go and do it.

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