Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is the value of astrology?

I have been a professional astrologer for over thirty years and am often asked what value is astrology to the average person

Is it all a lot of hot air, or is it something that I could take to the bank.

Going back to the earliest civilisations people have used astrology to make their important decisions. In biblical times, we know that Kings used astrologers to predict events. The aspects in a King’s chart frequently told whether or not he would be successful in his wars. We know in Ancient Egypt the Pharoahs used astrology and in Atlantis which predates hundreds of thousands of years ago, astrologers were elevated to very high positions of power. So here we are in modern times and you might ask yourself what does astrology do for you?

Astrology can show you what motivates you, where your talents lie, how you get along in your relationships, with your finances, your career and your work. It can even indicate your life path and destiny. In fact, it relates to every single area of your life. At the beginner level, you look in detail at your own chart: your gifts and talents, your challenges, which life areas need the most focus, what cycles you are going through.

When you come for a reading, I examine the natal promise in your chart – some people should never even bother buying a lottery ticket as they do not have aspects in their chart that are favourable for risk-taking. For example, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 2nd or 8th house can indicate great wealth. Warren Buffett has this aspect in his 8th house, which is the house of investment, and Bill Gates has it in his 2nd house, which is the house of earned income and self-employment.

I look in depth at your career and your life path and why some people are striving for success out in the world and others are happy to work behind the scenes. Astrology can show you the gifts and potential of a person and in which life areas they would find fulfillment.

Astrology can examine not only your personal affairs, but also the global affairs. For example, the current global financial crisis can be seen astrologically. Barbara ties in world events with personal astrology and illustrates how astrology works on both the macro and micro levels.

Psychological issues can manifest in an astrology chart. For example, if the Sun is the 8th house, the father may have a profound effect on the child – either by his absence or by his demanding presence. Astrology can show abandonment issues, relationships that are better left as friends rather than romantic attachments, it can show obsessive behaviour, it can even show the characteristics of people you would find attractive – not just physically, but personality quirks as well. That elusive something is found in almost all relationships. When you look at a relationship that should never have been, you have to ask yourself, how did these two people ever get together? The answer to that can also be found in the astrology chart. Sexual preferences can also be shown in a chart. A chart can also show whether a person is a risk-taker or very cautious, perhaps even fearful.
You can see a person’s whole personality and development from childhood to adulthood without ever having met that person. Why are some people natural born charmers – who charm the birds out of the trees – and other people are shy, and seeming to blend into the wallpaper? These characteristics often show up in a chart. It’s the age old nurture vs nature when you think in terms of – can a person learn how to be more of a risk-taker or more socially active or more of something that that person is not naturally? And those answers can usually be found in the chart.

Showing that a person comes into this world already hardwired for certain things in their personality. They might learn how to take risks a little more than they ordinarily would, they might learn how to be more socially aggressive, but it will not be their natural inclination. It will be learned behaviour as opposed to what they come in with in the astrological chart.

It’s an exciting subject and if you are interested in learning more please visit my website: www.yourastrologysigns.com

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