Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mercury Retrograde - some interesting tales

We are about halfway through this Mercury retrograde and it's very interesting to see what's been happening around the world:
Firstly, the u-turn from the White House announcing its intention scrap its missile-defense plans. There are those who claim this a huge step backwards that will jeopardize the USA safety and that of its closest allies. But, true to form, with Mercury retrograde, this is a major change in policy.
With Mercury retrograding back into Virgo now, expect some reversals to be announced with respect to the Obama's health care proposals.

On a lighter note, in the UK, an assistant in a medal shop was very pleased with herself for selling some medals while her boss was out at lunch. He, however, was not so pleased as she had misread the price. She had sold the precious metals for GBP18.50, instead of GBP1850.00!! Another case of Mercury retrograde causing our mental accuracy into question.

On a personal level, I bought a very expensive software a couple of months ago. It has always had various niggly problems that the engineer has been unable to sort out. However, this week, he came out and sorted everything easily and quickly. Again, Mercury retrograde helping to complete a problem that had been ongoing for several weeks.

A student of mine lost her keys just prior to Mercury going retrograde. She lost them somewhere in my Astrology class. We looked high and low to try to find those keys - she must have had them to drive to school and open up the classroom - but to no avail. I kept on insisting that they would turn up when Mercury went retrograde. And, yes, in the most unlikely place, they had fallen behind a pile of books and papers, we found them a couple of days ago!!

So Mercury retrograde works on lots of different levels. You can use it positively to help you with your life, but if you go against it, beware of the consequences! Enjoy the rest of the retrograde!

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