Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturn opposing Uranus yet again

This week, Saturn and Uranus oppose one another. Once again, we are going to see the battle between the old and the new, the conservatives and the radicals and the possibility of a total paradigm shift. With Saturn being in Virgo, it is not surprising that the focus in the US is on the health care reform - with Obama receiving much resistance from his own party let alone the Republicans. It is important that Obama does not try to push through his reforms too hard at the moment as his Mars is being transited by Saturn - so he will have to be extremely patient, tolerant and not too forceful. Otherwise, he risks the whole thing backfiring on him and he will not achieve what he wants to do. Within two to three weeks, this conjunction will be behind him and if he can hold out until then, he will be more likely to achieve success in his goals with healthcare.

The last two oppositions of Saturn and Uranus were very powerful with stock markets around the world plummeting about three to four weeks after the opposition. So I would expect some dips and falls to occur within the next month or so.

Gold is at $1005 an ounce at the end of this week, as I predicted in October 2008 that it would go over $1000 an ounce and would go up to at least $1500 an ounce.

Watch this space!

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