Saturday, July 11, 2009

Financial Astrology - the future of our money systems

I mentioned last week that we were at the height of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction on July 10th. Jupiter and Neptune are supposed to be euphoric and optimistic at best, but the investment community is anything but euphoric and optimistic right now. Instead, it continues to act like it is lost, confused, and uncertain, which are the lower states of mind associated with Neptune. Volume is low, and the daily trading ranges are small. As Saturn is going to make a waning square with Pluto, I think we will see more downward spirals in the stock markets worldwide.

Since Uranus turned retrograde on July 1, the value of nearly all stock indices have continued to shrink. The high of the season occurred between June 11th-12th, which is close to the midway point of the first two passes of Jupiter and Neptune (May 27th and July 10th.) I predicted that most stock indices could make significant highs in between these two passes and since those highes equity indices have declined almost 10%.

The commodities markets have been very disappointing, but there has been a surge in investment in US Treasuries. To me, this is amazing when the entire central bank of the USA is under questioning, and when that very central bank is probably one of the largest buyers of those Treasuries. It may be that the Federal Reserve may be leveraging its future in the political games that may start to unfold this autumn when Saturn and Pluto come into square aspect. This creates a powerful T square with the Sun/Pluto opposition in the Federal Reserve’s chart.

Mars enters Gemini this week for the next six weeks, which may provide some stimulating discussions, but also may result in confrontational and heated exchanges. Mars in Gemini wants facts and knowledge, but it can also be argumentative and changeable.

A power struggle is in progress between the Federal Reserve Board who wants to retain its independence and many in Congress, who want to take away that power and independence. All this is happening as Pluto is crossing the Federal Reserve’s natal Sun, in opposition to its natal Pluto. At the same time the chart of the Federal Reserve Board is being deeply affected by Pluto, so too are the charts of the United States and Barack Obama. Both have their natal Venus in Cancer which is right on the Federal Reserve’s Pluto, and in opposition to the current transit of Pluto in early Capricorn. Pluto represents power struggles, and the threat of an ending. There is a fight going on about who will control the money. In January 2010, Bernanke’s position is up for re-appointment by Obama, who so far has suggested that he supports Bernanke. But will he continue to do so?

Obama has the ultimate power over the peoples’ money through his choice this January. The question he has to determine is: who will best handle that money? The Federal Reserve, Congress or White House? Be prepared for some very serious power struggles to ensue over the next few months. It could get quite murky unpleasant out there.


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