Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pluto In Capricorn - An Issue Of Life And Death

Pluto is ruled by Scorpio and therefore signifies destruction, transformation and renewal. It also pertains to life and death issues. Capricorn rules aging, the skeleton and death. We will see a greater focus on assisted suicide, the medical profession and their use of drugs, people wanting to know more about death, reincarnation and what happens to us when we die. Indeed in my own life, I have had a number of clients who have recently committed suicide, others who have died suddenly.

I have other clients who are dealing with medical malpractice issues that have led to possibly unnecessary deaths. For example, doctors are giving out drugs with severe side-effects and are not recommending to patients that they do not drive whilst taking these drugs. A sister of a client of mine was killed in a car accident by someone who had repeatedly gone to his doctor with dizzy spells. This person probably should not have been driving as he was on drugs that can alter his mental state. We are going to see more and more cases like this coming up, and more and more cover ups by the medical profession and the drug companies. As a result, we will see new laws emerging that attempt to protect the public from these tragedies.

More and more scientists are researching the area of death, cryogenics and how to extend the lifespan. Do we really need to age? Can all our cells renew themselves? There will be an increased focus on longevity and the possibility of physical immortality.

Capricorn rules ancient knowledge and wisdom and with 2012 coming, there is a huge focus on the Mayan prophecies, the Hopis, the Waitaha tribe from New Zealand and this interest is going to grow exponentially. We will be examining ancient wisdom that was developed and lost. With Pluto in Capricorn, we are unearthing these ancient philosophies and this is going to help us understand ourselves and our way forward.

Expect new healing techniques concerning bones as Capricorn rules the bones. We will find a cure for osteoporosis or brittle bones. Scientists will find a way for us to have a permanently youthful skeleton.

Capricorn rules time and Pluto rules life and death so we will be learning more about time than ever before. Our perception and understanding of time will change. We will be able to see that it is not just linear in nature, but has many dimensions. Our understanding of time will deepen and once this transit of Pluto in Capricorn is complete, we will have a totally new outlook on time, aging, life and death. We will not be subject to the same limitations that we experience today, we will have a broader perspective that will be liberating and empowering.

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