Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Financial Astrology

Money tends to follow a series of cycles - both up and down. This is true on the macro and micro levels. For example, the world financial markets are currently in recession, however, your personal finances might be going through an upward phase.

The stock market goes up and down, gold and commodities fluctuate wildly at times, and anyone who has followed the markets for any length of time will know about cycles and how they affect the movements of the market.

The knowledgeable investor of today must be aware of the opportunities which exist in the various markets, develop a strategy that suits their risk profile, and then apply that strategy. However, it is important to be willing to be flexible and to adapt to changes in the market and to change your strategy if necessary. In addition to following general economic and political cycles, the investor must also be aware of their own personal astroogical cycles for long term investing. This is helpful in order to minise losses while taking advantages of opportunities when they arrives.

Here are some examples of people who used astrological cycles to makes millions if not billions of dollars:
JP Morgan was a very wealth American financier who used astrology for business timing purposes. His use of astrology for business made him a billionaire in the early part of the 1900's when a million dollars was a vast fortune!

Walt Disney used astrological cycles too. He chose his introduction and opening times for movies and theme parks based on astrological cycles. He made millions using well-thought out strategies.

Some examples of the ways planets affect business cycles:
Mars retrograde often coincides with disputes in business and legal entanglements. It can also indicate major corporate mistakes, such as launching a new product or service at an inopportune time due to impatience or being rushed into a quick decision.

Venus retrograde can coincide with lack of financing such as venture capital. Customer acceptance of a new product is less favourable during a Venus retrograde period and therefore would not be good timing.

Jupiter and Saturn cycles also relate to investment success. The Jupiter / Saturn cycle lasts approximately twenty years. This cycle relates to changes in the market emphasis and also to the contraction and expansion of the market. The aspects that these two planets make in your natal chart must be considered in the timing of your personal investments.

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