Friday, October 31, 2008

A New World Order - Planets point to Total Transformation

A new world order is near. Financial markets are collapsing, banks are failing, governments are intervening with little or no effect.
Stock markets round the world are generally 25% lower than they were just a month ago. People are losing their jobs, their homes and some are realising that soon there may be disruption to their travel, their food supply and their electricity. THIS IS SERIOUS!!!

Some of you out there may be very aware of the situation, others may be wondering what the hell is going on and how might it affect you personally.

Let me explain it to you in astrological terms:
Saturn in Virgo is currently in opposition to Uranus in Pisces and on November 4th, the day of the US election, this will form an exact degree of opposition.
John McCain and Sarah Palin represent the Saturn in Virgo which stands for the status quo, conservatism and wanting things to go on as they are whereas Barack Obama and Joe Biden stand for the new world order, change and a "brighter" future, which relates to the Uranus in Pisces. They are in direct opposition with one another and there is a strong fight within the American people about which way is best for the future of their country.
This opposition of these two powerful planets happens to the exact degree five times over the next few years.

What else is happening?
The other most significant change is that Pluto is moving out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on November 26th 2008. This means a move away from excesses, from false optimism, from pretending or hoping that the problems can be easily resolved (Sagittarius) and into Capricorn which is all about injecting reality into the situation and coming up with a workable plan for the future. Capricorn usually indicates a period of contraction, of making best use of resources and of a new set of rules and regulations to live by.
Pluto is in Capricorn for the next 16 years, so this is going to be a long period of building new structures that have integrity and that are beneficial for everyone, not just the elite few. There could be some very hard times ahead, indicated by the sign of Capricorn, as the goat does not mind working hard toward a goal that is both realistic and achievable.
It is too late to correct what has already been unleashed in the world, but we can now start to create structures that will stop this from happening again and that will be strong and solid for us upon which we can build our future world.
Pluto is about world changes. This is not a simple and short-lived aspect, this is life-changing.

This is telling you clearly NOT to live beyond your means, NOT to take on too much debt, preferably not to borrow at all.
This is telling you to make best use of resources, to learn how to make things, to recycle, to grow your own food if you can, to buy food that is grown locally, to use a bicycle instead of your car for a shorter journey, to buy a moped or scooter to use less gas...these are all ways that you can work harmoniously with the energy of Pluto in Capricorn.
If you work against this vibration by spending too much, by being reckless with your resources, by not protecting what you do have, by not planning for the future, then Pluto in Capricorn, sooner or later, will pull you up short and will take everything away from you. Remember that Pluto in Capricorn is like having the veil of Saturn with it as Saturn rules Capricorn. This is a time of learning lessons.
If we learn the lessons, then we can and will thrive in the years to come as we will have a more honest society that we can be proud of.

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