Monday, November 17, 2008

The pull between Saturn and Uranus

Saturn and Uranus have completely different vibrations. Saturn is all about constriction, convention and maintaining existing structures, while Uranus is all about creating new forms, reaching out to humanity as a whole. Uranus stands for radical and sudden change.

Remember, I said in my last blog, that Uranus usually wins out as it did with the election of Obama. In New Zealand, Uranus won again with the election of a different government. However, it is important to watch out for the forces of Saturn that will constantly try to push against the new. For example, in California, there is controversy again about the status of gay marriages. There are Saturnian forces who want to ban gay marriage. Whenever there is an opposition, both of these energies will be evident in the world. Uranus demands change and Saturn resists it. Uranus fights for equality and freedom and believes that Saturn has lost touch with the basic ideals of human rights, freedoms and fairness.

Uranus wants to throw out the “old,” and usher in a brave new world that is more progressive and more in tune with the needs of the “common man.” This is a very exciting time to be alive, but possibly an unstable and dangerous one as well. Saturn rules governments and the boundaries of its nations. Uranus rules new leadership, revolts and uprisings. There could be the sudden overthrow of many leaders of nations whose people feel that their leaders have lost their ability to understand their needs. Especially vulnerable will be nations that are led by military leaders.

In your own life, look at areas where you are wanting freedom and change - this is Uranus at work, and then examine where you are resisting change and see whether you are able to let go and try something new. If you are familiar with your astrology chart, check out which houses this opposition is hitting - for example, if it is on the 2nd - 7th house axis, you may find that your finances are severly challenged at this time. If Saturn is transiting your eighth house, then you may find yourself responsible for someone else's affairs. If it is transiting your second house, you may feel restricted in your ability to produce an income.

It's a time to closely examine your life and look at areas where you seem to be in your comfort zone. Check out what is past its "sell by" date. For example, maybe you are in a relationship that needs to end, or at least needs redefining. Maybe you are in a deadend job that you need to quit. Be prepared to make changes, otherwise Uranus could come along and take you by surprise.

Uranus does provide lots of excitement, so be ready for changes on a global and personal scale.

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