Thursday, November 13, 2008

Uranus will win in the fight with Saturn

Over the next couple of years, I shall be discussing the effects of Saturn in Virgo currently opposing Uranus in Pisces.This is going to be a turbulent time in many ways, but there will be great new breakthroughs. Uranus is always about something entirely new and unexpected, usually for the better of mankind.

When I spoke about the US elections and the fact that I saw John McCain to be representing Saturn in Virgo (he is a Virgo Sun too!) and Barack Obama to represent Uranus in Pisces. Barack Obama has an Aquarian Ascendant which will help him to tune into the Aquarian energies of Uranus. He is not focused on his own career, he does not have any planets in the tenth house, which would indicate an ambitious streak. Instead, most of his planets are in the sixth and seventh houses which are all about service and contribution to others, and developing strong bonds between people and nations. This is his main focus. He also wants change and innovation for the better for everyone. It is a huge accomplishment that he is going to live in the White House next January, when that very building was built by black slaves. It is truly a Uranian influence that has brought about such hope and optimism for the future.

What else is happening with this powerful transit? I am sure you are all aware that we have an extreme financial crisis on our hands globally. This is not something that is going to go away, and it is not something that will change quickly, if politicians and governments continue to do the same old things (Saturn) to try to remedy the situation.Instead, once again, I think that Uranus will have to win out to resolve the crisis we find ourselves in. Here is a possible outcome from the G20 meeting this very weekend.

If you think that these meetings in Washington are only about designing short-term solutions to the financial system, think again. It's patently clear that the vast injections of cash into the banking systems have been ineffective to date and that the crisis is growing ever more serious day by day. I think that the G20 countries are seriously looking at a whole new way of solving this crisis (Uranus). Watch out for something entirely unexpected to the person in the street who knows little about financial affairs. I think that there is a strong possibility that there will be a whole new financial order that would help to wipe clean the world's debt ledgers.

Radical stuff! Yes, it has to be. There is a strong possibility that the world's leading currencies will be devalued in a simultaneous and universal currency devalution. There are many possibilities as to how this will work out in practice, but my thought is that there could be three new currencies, each with equal reserve status. They would essentially be a new dollar, a new euro and a new pan-Asian currency.The new fiat monetary units would be worth less than the old ones. For example, it could take 10 new units of money to buy one old dollar or euro. New names may be given to the new currencies to help to rid the world of the connotations of currencies that failed.

Naturally, this will be a bit more complicated than the outline I have given above, but there will be a whole new financial architecture developed. But the point is, that Uranus is forcing in changes that are going to happen very quickly.It's exciting. Watch this space for more as the story unfolds.....

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