Saturday, April 18, 2009

Venus goes Direct - what does this foretell?

Venus went retrograde on March 6th at on that day, the Dow Jones Index hit its lowest point in 12 years at 6470. During the entire Venus retrograde period, the Dow Jones has rallied, at no point being close to the low it was at on March 6th. Will there be a reversal in this trend remains now that Venus went direct on April 17th. Will Financial Astrology predict this so accurately?

If we examine the rallies since the big crash in September 2008, most have lasted about 6-7 weeks and have rallied between 1640 and 1770 points. This current rally has lasted 6 weeks and has gained 1720 points. So it is very much looking like we will see a reverse trend in the weeks to come. However, as with everything in astrology, nothing can be taken in isolation. It is vital to synthesise the activities of all the planets and see the bigger picture.

So what else is going on?
With Jupiter fast approaching its conjunction with Neptune in late May through mid-July, there is a strong possibility that we will see further optimism and more rallies in the stock markets. This aspect normally brings optimism and faith in the future and may well bring more investors into the market, thus causing an upswing.

There are two important ingresses this week: Mars enters Aries on April 22nd and Venus also enters Aries on April 24th. Aries is a cardinal sign and this would suggest that there will be changes in policy from central banks around the world. Venus is also squaring Pluto from April 3rd to May 2nd and this could result in yet another large company - probably a bank or a car company - being taken over by the US government.

Whilst there could be some temporary good news on the horizon, there are other factors that do not support this optimism. With the 20 month opposition we are currently in with Saturn in Virgo opposite Uranus in Pisces - expect more job losses, more unexpected crises, more banks failing, more companies being taken over by governments around the world.

The challenge with this opposition is to find the right balance between more regulation to wipe out dishonest business practices, with policies that reward innovation leading to new jobs and economic growth. With Saturn coming up to the third of its five oppositions to Uranus on September 15th 2009, followed by the first of three Saturn-Pluto squares beginning November 15th 2009, I seriously think that the aspects indicate that we will be in for more economic challenges in the weeks and months ahead.

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