Saturday, June 27, 2009

Capitalism is Dead - time for justice and fairness

Saturn is making its transition from Virgo into Libra at the end of October 2009. It retrogrades back into Virgo between April and July 2010 and at the end of July 2010 it is firmly placed in Libra until October 2012. What will this mean?

Much of this transition is connected with the balance of power between our leaders and the workers. The use of money has become so unfairly balanced in our society – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. How can it be fair that CEO’s that have taken banks and corporations into bankruptcy, making thousands of workers redundant in the process when they are raking in millions in bonuses and pension payouts?

The CEO of Target earns $75000K per day while staff pay is $64 per day.
This is untenable and cannot continue. Saturn in Virgo is all about the workers who are diligently serving society. However, we have Uranus, the planet of change, in opposition to Saturn until August 2010. So you can expect to see much more upheavals and uprisings from the workers against governments and companies. Saturn represents Karma, integrity and fairness. Once it goes into Libra, where it is exalted, it is time for justice to reign in our society. Once Uranus goes into Aries in May 2010, watch out for more wars (Aries rules the military, weapons and war) and greater unrest globally.

How have we got into this situation and what has happened?
Money should be a token to facilitate the exchange of goods and services. What has been happening, however, is that instead of the economy serving the people, the people have been serving the economy. A complete reversal is needed.
Our economy needs to be of service to the people. This is going to take a massive change in thinking.

During these last months of the economic crisis, people were beginning to discover that they could actually survive without buying more stuff. (Pluto in Capricorn). That’s what we have to do environmentally anyway. So this was a good start. However, governments don’t want us to be self-sufficient, they want us to keep on spending. They want to keep us under their control. That’s why in many countries they are offering thousands of dollars for people to trade in their old cars and buy new ones with a subsidy from the government. We are living on borrowed money and it cannot continue. Our economic structures are collapsing and the governments are trying desperately to prop them up by pouring more and more taxpayers money into failed corporations. (Saturn opposite Uranus).

We need to see this very differently. The recession is the best thing that could happen. We need to reduce our emissions by 80% in the next 30 years and the recession is going to force us to do just that.

Capitalism has to change. Humankind has lived on its income for hundreds and thousands of years. We were dependent on what was available at the time. But in the last 25 years, we have been living beyond our means as we thought we could engineer our way to utopia through having more and more cars, planes, etc. Now it is technological advances that are drawing us more and more into debt. The idea has been that our technology will take us to utopia. This is accentuated by the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction which gives us hope and faith in a future that may just be an illusion.

Do you realise that 80% of technology goes into the military to make weapons for killing each other? What if that money was spent on health, education etc?

Historically, humanity has been dependent on the hierarchy of our leaders e.g. emperors, kings, cardinals, popes and now governments and recently we have been rebelling against that dependence. There has been a decline in the respect for leadership. (Uranus has caused many riots and demonstrations in France, US, UK, Iceland, Thailand, Iran etc…)

Our banks and financial institutions used to be pillars of our society. They were honorable and earned our respect. We used to have 80% respect for those institutions. Now less than 10% respect them and they are on a par with 2nd hand car salespeople and double-glazing salespeople.

This hierarchy needs to be replaced by self-responsibility. But when you take the authority away (even if it was benevolent or malevolent) – there was a certain order produced by the authority, so when you take it away – people are not used to being self-responsible. There is a breakdown of leadership and people are going crazy for a while. This is going to continue during the period of the opposition of Saturn and Uranus – at least until the end of 2010.

There is an urgent need for society to shift into proper responsibility.
If we took self-responsibility for our health – the health care budget would drop by 75%. Capitalism has failed and it’s time we admitted it. We have an economy that people are in service to. The money is the first consideration, not the people. The money has become the goal in itself. It’s a complete distortion of trade. With Saturn’s ingress into Libra, this is an opportunity for the creation of more balance and equity in our governing bodies and corporations.

Saturn opposite Uranus always signifies a huge awakening. It is time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and for our world.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

Unfortunately, so many have a real sense that the current system will prevail, and that sense is rather strong for the last two months. That could definitely be the Neptune/Jupiter (I've got it Sag '71) conjunction. I am ready for Saturn in Libra for sure, especially if it indeed brings about a financial reform consciousness.

Money should never be the end itself; it ruins everything.

By the way, I really appreciate the horoscopes.