Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Financial Astrology Future Predictions

In Business Astrology, transiting Pluto, Neptune, or Uranus in hard aspect to one’s natal Venus or Jupiter is a classical bankruptcy aspect. It doesn’t mean you will go bankrupt, but if you spend or invest your money unwisely, you could suffer great loss, even to the point of bankruptcy. It is a time to be frugal and not take any financial risks where the outcome is unknown. In the chart of the United States (July 2, 1776, or even July 4, 1776), transiting Pluto and Uranus are entering into hard aspects to the natal Venus and Jupiter of the United States, 2008-2011. The extra $30bn of taxpayers money just given to GM is an example of taking financial risks where the outcome is unknown. In my view, this is an extremely risky investment and the downside potential is huge. GM could need more and more funds pumping into it and may never become solvent thus leaving the US taxpayer with yet another burden.

On June 5th, the transiting Sun in Gemini will start its translation of a T-square to both Saturn and Uranus, lasting until June 17th. This of course brings to the forefront the principles of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which is the longer-term 45-year cycle that we associate with financial collapse and crisis, a condition that started in September 2008 and continues to worry investors even now. In fact, it is likely to worry investors well into 2010, when Jupiter and Mars will both translate the Saturn-Uranus opposition (July-August 2010).

There is another astrological configuration that will have a different effect: two days after Jupiter goes retrograde on June 15th, the Sun will transit in a trine to both Jupiter and Neptune, thus once again bringing to the forefront the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction principles. On July 1st and 6th respectively, first Venus and then Mars will square the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, just a few days before their second passage on July 10. With so much Jupiter and Neptune in the picture, combined with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition, perhaps financial astrologers can begin to understand why a case could be made for either a huge rise in stock and/or commodity prices in the next few weeks, or a huge collapse.

On a mundane level, these same aspects can correlate to extreme flooding conditions. On a political level, they can pertain to a great hoax, and the starting of false and sensational rumors that harm the reputation of others. It can be a time of alarmist announcements, perhaps as we have seen developing with North Korea this past week.

The euphoria and false optimism of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is playing out in the stock markets around the world. US stocks are at a seven month high, Gold is up over 10%, company results although down are not as bad as analysts predicted. So in general, there is a feeling that the worst is behind us and there is money to be made. Many investors are piling back into the stock markets. However, caution is a keyword with the backdrop of the Saturn Uranus opposition still with us for at least another year.

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