Saturday, May 23, 2009

Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune - what does it foretell?

The exact conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune occurs this week on May 27th. The influence of this aspect may be noticeable for several weeks, if not months, as Neptune will turn stationary retrograde the very next day, May 28, and Jupiter also goes retrograde June 15. They will then conjunct one another on their second of three passages on July 10. Therefore it will seem as if Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct from now until at least mid-July.

As a rule, this aspect boosts stock markets because Jupiter is the principle of optimism and abundance while Neptune is the planet of hope and faith. We have certainly seen quite a rally in the US stock market since its low in March 2009, however, there is also a negative side to this configuration. If the investment community sees there is a lack of control over spending, or a lack of support if prices start to fall, it can quickly escalate to panic and hysteria. On May 31st, Mercury will also go stationary direct. Combined with Neptune going stationary direct and in conjunction to Neptune, this can represent a period of rumours and misinformation being communicated via the media. The seeds of panic are present, especially given that rating services are about to downgrade Britain’s ability to meet its debt obligations. If faith in the USA presidential leadership is also undermined, there would be cause for equity markets around the world to sell off – instead of rally sharply – under this Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. It should be interesting to see how these astrological themes play out in the next three weeks. Will it be irrational exuberance, or hysteria and panic or maybe a combination of the two? In my view, I think that we will continue to see the volatility in the markets – upswings and downswings from day to day. It will feel like being on a roller-coaster – so for those of you who are not experienced in day-trading, I would advise you to keep your money out of the stock market for the time being.

The front page of Friday’s Wall Street Journal featured a report on the potential downgrade of bonds issued by the United Kingdom, “… sparking global fears about the consequences of massive debts being incurred by the U.S. and other major nations as they try to extricate themselves from the economic crisis.” Could the UK actually default on its debt? Will the USA default on its debt? Is it possible? There is also concern that the Federal Reserve Board cannot account for trillions - not billions – of dollars. Could the Federal Reserve Board go belly up? These are alarming thoughts, but they fit with the nature of the current Saturn Uranus opposition.

Gold will continue to rise in value – of course there will still be volatility – but this is the real safe haven for your money, especially if you are a small investor. It is advisable to have some in your portfolio because the whole world is affected by the economic crisis and gold has no national identity and is therefore the best insurance you can have.

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