Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pandemics - what does Astrology predict?

Certain astrological aspects show clear links between widespread outbreaks of sickness and the planets Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. As the body’s defenses, immunity to disease and invasive organisms such as influenza are involved, we look to Saturn (symbolic of lack, debility or death) and its transiting aspects to Neptune (symbolic of disease, infection) and Pluto (symbolic of invasive organisms, mass death, worldwide events). The aspects we are examining are the "hard"; 45, 90, 135, and 180 degree aspects, and the 120 degree "soft" aspect, and the 0 degree aspect.

Looking back at history it is possible to ascertain the correlations to the aspects of Saturn to Neptune and Pluto described above, with times when there have been epidemics and pandemics.

Russian flu of 1889-1990; accompanied by a triple 90 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune, perfect on 19th November 1889, 3rd February 1890, and 26th August 1890, and Saturn 90 deg. aspect to Pluto, perfect on September 4th 1890.

Spanish flu pandemic of 1917-1919; accompanied by Saturn 0 deg. aspect to Neptune, perfect on 1st August 1917, and Saturn 45 deg. aspect to Neptune, perfect on 7th September 1918.

Asian flu epidemic1957-1958 accompanied by a Saturn 45 deg. aspect to Neptune, perfect on 31st December 1957.

Hong Kong flu epidemic 1968-1969; accompanied by triple 135 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune, perfect on 19th May 1967, 16th October 1967, and 4th March1968

Swine flu epidemic 1976; fear of pandemic led to massive influenza immunization program. It resulted in 100,000 people developing Guillain-Barre syndrome, a progressive ascending paralytic affliction, and resulted in the deaths of 5% of those afflicted; accompanied by a triple 135 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune, and immediately thereafter, by a triple 120 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune. The 135 deg aspect was perfect on 28th July 1975, 2nd February 1976, and 15th May 1976.

Looking ahead to the future, there will be a series of Saturn-Pluto, and Saturn Neptune aspects. They will occur as follows:
- Triple 90 deg. aspect of Saturn to Pluto, perfect on 15th November 2009, 31st January 2010, and 21st August 2010.
- Triple 135 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune, perfect on 27th October 2010, 24th March 2011, 25th August 2011.
- Triple 120 deg. aspect of Saturn to Neptune, perfect on 11th October 2012, 11th June 2013, and 19th July 2013.

It is to be noted that allowing 10 degree orbs for the 0, 90 and 180 degree aspects, and a 5 deg orb for the 45, and 135 degree aspects, coupled with the slow movement of these three planets, give a prolonged time frame in which these aspects develop, and later dissipate their power - hence, their capacity to affect the world for long periods of time.

Thus, it is to be expected that the logical outcome of the Saturn, Neptune, Pluto mutual aspects for the period 2009 through 2013 is that the potential for epidemics/ pandemics will be a major concern for those charged with protecting public health. The development of appropriate vaccines is of paramount importance. Ignorance, fear, superstition, delay, and greed can only result in a public health catastrophe. Facts, research, testing, planning and timely delivery of vaccines can help to protect the world populace, and prevent suffering, debility, and death from influenza in this 4 year crucial time-period we have just entered.

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