Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Great Uranus-Jupiter Conjunction 2010

The Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction is coming up next year and whenever it is in Aries or Libra, there is always a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world. It will occur in June 2010 at 0 degrees Aries, Sept 2010 at 28 & 29 degrees Pisces and Dec 2010 – Jan 2011 at 26 degrees Pisces.

When Jupiter and Uranus move into an alignment of 36 degrees, usually during the preceding year, we get a glimpse as to the nature of this breakthrough. The last Conjunction in Aries was when Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. Not just an American Experience but a World Experience, an achievement of the Human Race. In July 1969, when it occurred in Libra, man landed on the Moon.

In 1968, during the 36 degree approach, we began sending astronauts around the Moon, preceding the actual lunar landing. This vanguard alignment will occur around the middle of 2009. At that time, humanity will become aware of the breakthrough about to occur. This is also true of the changes that will occur in our personal lives as a result of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction— we will begin to sense them, the new direction in our lives, during 2009.

Jupiter and Uranus are aligned every 14 years but only every 42 years does this alignment occur in Aries or Libra. In any sign, I have found this Conjunction to represent an expansive time in my life:

1969— I won a scholarship to Chethams School of Music and which marked the beginning of my studies for becoming a concert pianist.
1983 – I changed careers totally and won a scholarship to Manchester Business School to study for an MBA and move into business and finance.
1997 – I moved country and took up astrology as my full-time career.

Think about what happened to you during these cycles in your own life. There were difficult experiences but, overall, these were highly expansive periods in my life. It is a progressive cycle so that it is much easier to do progressive things.
Where this Conjunction falls in the natal horoscope shows where we feel compelled to take a risk with our lives, to experience adventure, to explore our creative potential and to overcome the fears in our lives. Some of us will not want to change and will resist the changes, whereas others will take a leap of faith into a new dimension of being. The world is changing and we must, with the motivation of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in both Pisces and Aries, change with it.

Relating and intimacy under this Conjunction will be experienced through a sense of community, connecting with what has been lost in a new, dynamic way.
In modern times, when humanity takes a leap in consciousness, this is paralleled with great advances in technology, psychological understanding of ourselves and a renewed demand for human rights. Especially with the conjunction in Aries, there will be many technological breakthroughs connected with one very major breakthrough. Such a major breakthrough can stun the thinking of the masses, uprooting us from the past so that we can take a leap of consciousness. Zero Aries is the “World Point” so that this specific conjunction will have a global impact. We live in exciting times!!


annewhitaker said...

check out my book, published this spring 2009 by the American Federation of Astrologers, titled "Jupiter meets Uranus".It's a study of this fascinating conjunction set in its mythological and historical context, focusing on the last conjunction, in Aquarius, of February 1997 - and the lives of 17 research subjects on whose lives it impacted very powerfully.I think readers of Astrology News might be interested - and in the promotional blog "Jupiter meets Uranus". Best wishes Anne Whitaker, Scotland

Raleigh said...

your blog on the Uranus-Jupiter Conjunction in 2010 is (with minor modifications/extractions)identical to that of Lynn Koiner on her page Either you are the same person or one is copying from the other? Odd.

Quincy said...

I agree with the previous poster; there's a convention called attribution, where one author acknowledges the work of another's cited work. Failure to adhere to this is called plagiarism.

Quincy said...
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Jorja said...

I read Raleigh and Quincy's remarks and agree except that it's hard to tell who is copying whom here - it looks as if Lynn's was posted May 7th and Barbara's May 10

Serg said...

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Suzanne MacElderry Tassche said...

How would you like to have a Mars Jupiter Uranus conjunction in your natal chart?! I do!

Reinaldo said...

This blog s full of plagiarized works. This girl should study the Torah and learn what self punishment she'll derive from this.

hermaphroditusc2q45 said...


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