Saturday, May 16, 2009

Jupiter Neptune with Mercury Retrograde!

With the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and Mercury retrograde, we are seeing a period of confusion, illusion, and delusion. It is a time when rumours are running rampant. Just look at what is happening with MP’s expenses in the UK to get an idea of the situation. It is a time when accusations are being hurled about freely, without any regard for the consequences those allegations may have on the reputations of others. It is also a time when denial and lying are in evidence, resulting in great embarrassment. With Mercury retrograde, these behaviours tend to be compounded, for this is a time when words don’t seem to matter too much at all, because everyone denies they said them, or else claims they were misled or misunderstood.

What is really going on and who do you believe? In the US, you may be astonished at Obama’s reversal of his decision to release the photos of torture carried out by US military. This is another domain of Neptune of course. And now the threat of the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) to take the matter to the Supreme Court to force their release, alleging along the way that the Obama administration is not being as transparent and open as he promised during the campaign? Aren’t they supposedly on the same team?

Promises made and then not delivered. Promises made, and then re-explained. You can drown in the sea of misinformation that is flooding consciousness from the political theatre via the media. It is all part of the downside of the otherwise positive Jupiter-Neptune conjunction coming up.

Really, this may be the best time of all to just turn off your television, screen out the press and media reports, and either meditate, relax, or take a holiday. There is little truth to be found out there today, and there is no one you can really believe at this time, except…. inside of yourself. Today’s truth is… inside of you. Everyone in the public eye has another agenda right now and for them, the truth is all about fear mongering and convincing you of someone else’s wrongdoing. That’s not truth.

Focus on the upside of Jupiter-Neptune. Go an enjoy yourself and find the source of happiness that is within you. Only you can create your happiness, whereas man-made or natural catastrophes are outside of your control. That’s the positive message of Jupiter and Neptune especially under the Mercury Retrograde.

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