Saturday, December 5, 2009

Planetary Degrees - their importance in your life

If you have ever wondered how much the degree of a planet matters – the answer is – a great deal!

Whenever a planet transits a sign, it starts at the beginning or lowest degree of the sign, then traverses through all 30 degrees until it finished the sign.

At the beginning of anything there is unfamiliarity. Individuals experiment to find their way, often guessing in the dark as to their course of action. This is true of planets in low degrees – as a result thoughts and actions tend to be primitive, exaggerated and sometimes excessive. I have met people with a preponderance of planets in low degrees who are real pioneers – they want to do things their way and they work hard at thinking things through for themselves. They don’t like interference from others and often have to learn the hard way. At the other end of the scale, I have clients with many planets in higher degrees – these people tend to procrastinate quite a lot and it takes numerous outside forces to precipitate actions. They often feel quite uncertain about their course of action and can be afraid to jump in case they make a mistake.

One of the most consistent issues that people with 29 degree planets often say is that they “cannot get enough” of the particular characteristics of that planet. For example, a client of mine with Venus at 29 degrees Sagittarius openly admits that she cannot get enough fun. She gets overly enthusiastic about anything in the way of a hobby or entertainment. For others, Venus at 29 degrees may mean that they feel they never get enough love or enough money.

As a planet traverses through a sign, it slowly evolves into familiar experiences, until it gradually matures as it reaches the higher degrees of the sign. It is in the higher degrees where we find the most understanding and wisdom and the greatest evolution takes place there.

A person with low degree planets might get things done quickly, but might have to do them over again because of a lack of foresight. People with planets at higher degrees might be slower to act, holding back until they know a situation better and feel safe in acting. The highest degree planets tend to be the most thorough with the fullest understanding of the sign they are in.

Most people, however, have some lower and some higher degree planets. This is why we seem so evolved in some areas of our lives and so childlike.


muskan said...

Sir pls write acendent vise kundli.
How use subdivisional chart.

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