Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Elements in Astrology - how they affect you

The differing ways that charts favour some elements over others gives us clues as to the karma the person is trying to deal with as well as the approaches they might use to do this. Thus – because of the elements – we can see how someone is likely to act in a given situation. For example, someone with lots of Fire is apt to explode easier, be more impatient and take a proactive stance towards life’s challenges. Someone with lots of Air is likely spend more time thinking about their situations, considering their options and studying their consequences before acting. Too much Air, however, can make you flighty, irresponsible and someone who avoids making commitments.

What if you are missing a particular element?

No Air:
People with no Air tend to plod through life, doing things that may seem the hard way, for they lack identification with thought on three very important levels:
They have difficulty expressing themselves (lack of Gemini Air)
Balancing comparisons (lack of Libra Air)
As well as contacting universal thought (lack of Aquarius Air)
Thus, they tend to exert more physical and emotional energy to almost everything they do, because it is difficult for them to conceptualise as well as objectively view themselves in relation to their environment.

No Water:
These people often have difficulty understanding the feeling side of life. They might practice expressing emotions, but they don’t know how to feel them or trust them. They miss the psychological sensitivies as well as the psychic essence of life. They have difficulty being in tune with how people feel about them, which makes their relationships unbalanced. For example, Bill Clinton has no Water planets, which explains why many of his emotional relationships got out of hand. It also explains how he would keep trying to reach people to become an emotional part of them. He married Hillary who is a Scorpio. Her emotional depth might help him to find the emotional depth he felt he was missing. This reaching to fill the void can be felt in his speeches and his mannerisms as an almost pleading for emotional acceptance.

No Earth:
These people have a great deal of difficulty in their relationship with physical life and earth matter. There is a tendency to lose themselves in concepts and aspirations. They can lack good common sense.

However, those who are not that much in touch with the earth plane are much freer to dream and rise on Air, alternately fueled by the fire of their enthusiasm with emotions not contained. They tend to lack an anchor to earth reality and have difficulty understanding how much the consequences of their actions influence others. The cause and effect relationships that occur because of missing element charts are very interesting, since each of these individuals feels impelled to depend on another or many others to fill in the missing element.

No Fire:
Babe Ruth had no Fire. To make up for this, he expended great amounts of energy to enthuse and excite others.

No Earth:
Angelina Jolie has no planets in Earth. As most Geminis tend to live vicariously through others, she keeps trying to fill this lack of Earth in her own chart, by adopting children from underdeveloped countries, who have almost no Earth matter possessions, as she gives them the security they never could have known. Yet, because she travels to do this so frequently, while defending the numerous causes she believes in, it is difficult for her to control any sense of earthly stability in her own life.

Bill Gates has no Earth – yet his efforts to compensate for this missing element have resulting in him becoming one of the richest men in the world. At some point, the amounts he earned began to far surpass anything he could possibly spend in a lifetime for even the most extravagant need. Yet, Gates is not an extravagant soul. He has become a philanthropist, spending most of his time reaching out to charity.

The mysterious missing element brings a life of unexpected exaggeration, starting with attempts to make up for a sense of lack, but often winding up as the sole consuming force that envelops the person’s life.