Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturn In Libra - What Does It Mean For Our Relationships?

Saturn goes into Libra – What are its deeper meanings for us?

Saturn is exalted in Libra which means that we need to examine our highest ideals in all our relationships. Except for a brief foray back into Virgo between April 8th 2010 and July 22nd 2010, Saturn will stay in Libra until October 5th 2012. This is a period in which we need to look at all our one-to-one relationships – both intimate and professional. It is important to look at whether the relationship is balanced or not. There is a tendency to compromise our needs just because we might be afraid to assert ourselves. Are you compromising your own needs?

Saturn demands that you take a serious look at the boundaries in your relationships. Whilst Libra wants everything to be nicey nicey, Saturn requires structures that have integrity and that work for all parties concerned. It’s time to look at the balance of give and take in your relationships. If you are not satisfied with your partner’s contribution to your relationship, this will become more magnified during this transit of Saturn.

As Saturn is not a fast-moving planet, it is important not to make rash or impulsive decisions. Make sure you take your time to really see what is going on. Some of you may feel pressured to make a commitment to a relationship. Don’t allow yourself to be forced into making a decision. Instead, figure out what you really want before you commit. If you don’t know what your needs are, you are not going to be able to have a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries. So start the process by working on yourself. Then once you have spent considerable time on evaluating your needs and desires in a relationship, then you can see whether your existing relationships meet those needs or whether you really do need to let go and move on.

With Saturn in Libra it’s going to be important to have shared goals in your relationships. If you have been having difficulties in your relationships you may consider having counselling to help you to unearth destructive patterns and to develop healthy and nourishing new habits.

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