Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Sagittarius June 15th 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon at 24 degrees Sagittarius, June 15th 2011

This is a very powerful eclipse and is the longest we have had in the last seven years. The effects of this particular eclipse will be much longer lasting than the usual six months prior and six months after. Instead, I am anticipating that the effects will be with us for at least 18 months. Lunar eclipses bring emotions to the surface. This particular eclipse in Sagittarius will be about learning the truth as opposed to being told lies. We are seeing this on a global level with authorities reporting far lower levels of radiation from the Japan nuclear disaster than are actually being found. The same is true of the volcano that has erupted in Chile where there is a fissure that is six miles long and three miles wide. Christchurch New Zealand has experienced a swarm of earthquakes in the last two days with yet more destruction, weakening of the infrastructure and thousands more left homeless. Yet, the government is still saying “we will rebuild.” Discerning the difference between truth and lies will be a challenge for all of us in the next eighteen months to come. This will affect us globally, nationally and on a personal basis.

Sagittarius is all about a quest for truth, adventure, travel, faith and an optimistic future. It represents the higher mind, education and expansion and the Lunar Eclipse can bring great fulfillment, a dream come true, or the release of some very heavy baggage, or a big ending that makes the way for something new and exciting. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and abundance rules Sagittarius, so this Full Moon in Sagittarius in your chart could bring some good news, a spiritual awakening or even a new and exciting vision for your future in that particular life area.

It’s a good time to:

Think about the future and how you can improve yourself and your knowledge
Publish a book or an article
Have an adventure
Go to a party or host a celebration
Plan a big trip somewhere you haven’t been before
Teach, train, coach
Tell the truth as you see it – no frills attached!
Focus on the big picture
Find ways of having fun
Find deeper meaning in your life
Do some personal development
Explore, experiment, experience
Surround yourself with people from totally different backgrounds and cultures to yourself
Find a mentor or someone who inspires you
Think about your beliefs and discard the ones that limit you
Do something outside in the open air
Think about the meaning of life and what your purpose is
See everything in a positive light
Find your own teacher within
Take up a new sport
Ignite your natural enthusiasm and passion
Tell or write an interesting story
Open yourself up to new experiences
Think about what you want and take steps to realise your dreams
Recognise and appreciate the abundance around you
Celebrate your life
Count your blessings

Try not to force your view or opinion on another person. Allow them to see the situation differently and you can “agree to disagree.” Look at areas in your life that you are judging others – become aware of when it is destructive and alienating people from your life. Seek more knowledge and wisdom.

Wherever it falls in your chart will be a time for growth and learning.
It falls in my 6th house of work and service, and I am planning to take my business onto a whole new level. A much wider level than ever before and whilst it feels like a leap of faith, it is also very exciting too. I shall be tackling some very big subject areas that I think are of interest to many people: e.g. 2012 – the end of the old world and the beginning of a new one? The Mayan Calendar, Atlantis, to name but a few. This will shine a light on the way in which I can bring astrology to people from far and wide, in new and exciting, expansive ways – so that we can share opinions, views, insights and ideas together. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to look at a bigger picture for the astrology and to be of service to people around the world. Sagittarius is the teacher and mentor and this is exactly what I am planning to do in the next few weeks. So this Full Moon and lunar eclipse is coming at a wonderful time and the energies of this configuration will help me to expand out quickly and effectively.

Where does this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse fall in your chart? Maybe it’s in your fourth house of home and family. This could indicate at least a six month period or longer where you will find it challenging to find balance between your home life and your work life. You may move to another country as Sagittarius does rule long distance travel and moves. Or maybe it falls in your eleventh house of friends and dreams. This could mean that you make some wonderful new friends in the next few months, people who encourage you, who stretch you into new areas that you never thought you’d explore. Those friendships that you have that are limiting and constrictive may drop by the wayside to make way for more empowering relationships.

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