Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy New Moon in Leo - Time for Fun!

New Moon in Leo at 7 degrees July 30th 2011

The New Moon in Leo is about enjoying yourself and forgetting your worries and your cares for several hours. Leo loves to be loved, cherished and adored and it’s important that you start with loving and appreciating yourself. New Moons are times of renewal and new beginnings. This New Moon in Leo gives you a chance to revitalize your love for yourself. It’s a time when you can feel more alive and energized. Any areas in your life where you are lacking self worth or self love will be helped through this New Moon. Whether you are in a relationship or not, get ready to inject more romance into your life. Feel as though you deserve the very best that life has to offer. Imagine you are a King or a Queen and walk, talk and act as though you are royalty. This will give you a great feeling of self confidence which connects with the vibration of Leo.

Good things to do during the New Moon in Leo:
Play, have fun
Engage in sports
Start a love affair or a romance
Have a flutter on the lottery
Be creative – unleash your unique talents
Start a new business
Do some acting
Do anything artistic or musical
Go to a show, the movies or the theatre
Have an adventure
Explore a new hobby
Take a risk
Show affection to a person or an animal
Go on an adventure
Help and work with children
Radiate confidence
Be yourself without needing to please anyone else
Express gratitude and show generosity
Create new stories with fun, laughter, inspiration and romance in them
Open your heart
Get in touch with your inner child, the one who wants to come out and have fun
Do something that makes you feel like royalty
Plan a party
Be dramatic
Enjoy and have fun with friends
Shine and be true to yourself
Start new projects
Take pride in your accomplishments
Reconnect with who you are
Stand up tall with your back straight and your head in the air
Dress like royalty
Have a party or a celebration
Plan a vacation

Good questions to ask yourself:
What am I good at?
What do I love to do?
What is my special gift?
How can I share it with others?
What can I do to make a contribution to others?
How can I be more spontaneous?
Where am I experiencing love and joy in my life?

Where does this New Moon in Leo fall in your chart? Perhaps it falls in your second house of finance. This would be a wonderful time to come up with new ideas for making extra income. For me, this New Moon in Leo falls in my first house, so it’s a great time for creating more videos and sharing my excitement about astrology, dressing and presenting myself in new ways and focusing on having more fun and enjoyment with everything in my life.

Keywords for Leo are: appreciation, recognition and respect. Make sure you are seeing what a wonderful person you are and appreciate the effort you put into growing and learning. Your self confidence may be affected by the amount of praise and encouragement you receive from others. During the New Moon in Leo, try to find your core inner confidence and do what you love to do and act from your heart, whether others approve of you or not. Assume that your day is going to be great, know that you will be successful and that everything will turn out well. Enjoy the New Moon in Leo!!

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