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The Moon Signs - what they mean

Moon Signs

Most people know their Sun sign but few are aware of the importance of their Moon sign. The Sun stays in a sign for approximately 28 days, whereas the Moon changes sign every two and a half days so it is a much more sensitive point in person’s chart. The Moon in your chart shows your child within, how you respond and react to situations, your emotional self and it is very important in connection with how you relate to other people. If you are in a relationship with someone who has a compatible Moon sign to you, chances are you will feel comfortable and at home around them. If it is not in a compatible sign with your Moon sign, you may feel as though they drain your energy, you feel as though they are rubbing your fur the wrong way. I’m sure many of you can identify with that feeling.

So let me outline the main characteristics of each Moon sign and I’d appreciate it if you could send me feedback as to whether you identify with your Moon sign or whether it doesn’t fit you at all:

Moon in Aries
You are spontaneous and you need to be active. You can flare up quickly but then forget just as quickly what upset you in the first place. You like to try out new things, to go on adventures, to be the first, to be inspirational. You have a natural enthusiasm. You can be very impatient especially if someone else is very slow. You need to feel the earth moving under you.

Moon in Taurus
You like comforts in life, you like some predictability, you like sensual things – you love nice food, nice surroundings, beautiful things, nature, scenery, flowers, music – anything that stimulates your senses. You do not like change and you can get into a rut if you don’t watch it. You are insecure around money and you definitely need a nest egg to make you feel safe.

Moon in Gemini
Emotionally you think first and feel afterwards. You tend to analyse your emotions and you don’t like strong displays of emotion. You are more thinking than feeling. You are very flirtatious by nature and you charm people with your eloquence with words. You are restless and you don’t like to be tied down. You have many interests and are easily bored.

Moon in Cancer
You are extremely sensitive, caring and nurturing. You have a tendency to hide your feelings even though you feel everything very deeply. You are easily hurt and you don’t like to show it. You need time and space alone and can be a very private person. You are moody – up one minute and down the next.

Moon in Leo
You need to be admired, appreciated and adored. If you don’t feel as though you are being noticed, you can get quite depressed. You are very creative, affectionate and generous. You do need to be in the limelight at least some of the time and you like to be in charge and organise everything.

Moon in Virgo
You are practical and you don’t like to express your emotions. You see feelings from an analytical perspective and you don’t see any point to them unless they have a practical use. You can seem detached, but you do like to be helpful. When you feel as though you are being of service then you feel you can connect emotionally to other people.

Moon in Libra
You are charming, diplomatic and gracious and you hate conflict. You have a tendency to compromise rather than rock the boat. You need to make sure that you get your needs met and don’t give too much way all the time. You like to keep the peace and constant arguments and conflict can make you ill. You like comfort and convenience and you like to be loved and popular.

Moon in Scorpio
Your emotions run deep but you don’t like to show them. You are intensely loyal and true, but you will not abide being taken advantage of. You have definite motives for your actions. You are good at getting to the bottom of situations and are a great researcher. You don’t like change much and you have to make sure that you don’t create a series of crises in your life to bring about much overdue changes.

Moon in Sagittarius
This is a friendly, optimistic placement for the Moon and you want everyone around you to feel good. You don’t like heavy emotions and you prefer to keep things on a more superficial level. You have a tendency to promise more than you can deliver. You need adventures and surprises and fun things to do. You like to party and enjoy life.

Moon in Capricorn
You are reliable, honest and trustworthy. You do not like to show your emotions and you can be a very private person. You like to have a job of work to accomplish and you like to have goals that you are reaching towards. You can be good in business and you do need to find a use for everything. You need to find ways in which you can get in touch with your emotions otherwise you may become depressed.

Moon in Aquarius
You are offbeat, unusual and quirky by nature and you can detach yourself from your emotions quite easily. You think first and feel later. You are friendly and sociable but often you don’t know how you are feeling and this can make you seem aloof and insensitive. You have a great sense of fun and you like to see the funny side in all situations no matter how serious they are. You are great to have around in a crisis as you can keep your cool.

Moon in Pisces
You are emotional, sensitive, caring and soft. You have a tendency to pick up other people’s emotions and you may have to learn how to protect yourself. You definitely need time and space to yourself to recharge your batteries. You often don’t know where your feelings begin and where other people’s feelings end. You are often confused and music and the arts can be soothing for you emotionally.

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