Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Use Astrology To Time Your Important Events

Getting your timing right – how Astrology can help

One of the greatest benefits of astrology is that it can help you time crucial events in your life to your greatest advantage. For example, if you are thinking of starting a business, when would be the best time to do it?

When I started my property investment business in London I checked out astrological aspects. I chose a date that would give the business its best possible chance for success. I tried to ensure that the financial aspects were favourable, that it was a good time for the particular business I wanted to start and that it had the potential to be a great success. For example, Cancer was on the midheaven and Cancer rules property and real estate, so that was a good position for the fledgling business and also good for dealing effectively with the public. With the Moon in Capricorn, this meant I could help people to solve their financial problems and find practical and sensible solutions to fit their needs. The great financial aspect at the time involved the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus also in Cancer which are both money planets and in the sign ruling real estate. It couldn’t be better! So I chose that date to incorporate Stratford Properties and I went from having just a small inheritance from my father to a multi million pound business within just a few years. Yes of course I had challenges to face just like any business does, but overall, the aspects showed me that I had a good chance to create a very profitable business.

I have done this with clients who wanted to know when would be the best time to launch a new product idea, when would be a good time to launch their new book, would this be a good time to become self-employed? These are all great questions that astrology can address and can give you optimum dates for success.

Other important questions that astrology can address are things like:
Is this a good time to sell my house? Is it likely to sell or should I wait until a better time?
Recently, I wanted to sell a small property I owned and by looking at my aspects, I knew I had a small window of opportunity in which to sell. I also knew that I would not get back my initial investment and I would have to drop the price in order to find a buyer. With this information, I was able to price the property so that it attracted buyers and I did sell it in less than two weeks! So even in a difficult market, as long as you know your parameters, you may be able to find a buyer. However, with another property, as it was in a much higher price bracket, I knew that I would be wasting time and money if I were to put it on the market at this time. So I chose to rent out that property instead.

Another question might be whether this is a good time for you to move?
Should I look at changing my career at this time?
Is it a good time for me to get into a relationship?

For example, the transits might show that for the next couple of years you are best not getting into a relationship as it will not be able to survive these transits. Anything you get into during this period won’t last, so you can save yourself a great deal of heartache by waiting until the transits are over.

For anything involving timing of your most important events, consider using astrology to guide you to your best possible results.

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