Friday, December 17, 2010

The Royal Wedding - William and Kate

William is a Cancer and Kate is born just six months earlier and is a Capricorn – so they are opposites. But these are opposites that are comfortable together – Earth and Water. The Earth gives the Water structure while the Water loosens up the earth and enables it to grow. One of the best astrological features of their charts is that they both have Moon in Cancer. This couldn’t be better. They will feel emotionally safe with one another, protected and comfortable. It’s the feeling of knowing what the other person wants and needs, knowing how their emotions operate, knowing when they need space and when they need company. The Moon is ruled by Cancer so it is in its natural place and they will have a feeling of “coming home.” It’s a great placement for having a family and children.

Mercury, the planet of communication is in Air signs which is also a good sign. William’s Mercury is in Gemini and Kate’s is in Aquarius. So they will be able to discuss things through logically and each will be able to have their say. Mercury is comfortable in an Air sign anyway, as it needs to communicate, to understand, to solve problems, to come up with new solutions. The placement of Mercury is extremely important when it comes to a relationship and even with the best placements of Venus and Mars, disharmonious Mercuries can cause the break-up of a marriage as couples just cannot seem to “get through” to one another. So for Kate and William, the communication part of their relationship looks good.

As far as Venus is concerned, William’s Venus is in Taurus while Kate’s is in Aquarius. This is quite different and means that they will have very different interests, but also a great sense of loyalty to one another. Venus in a fixed sign is constant and doesn’t tend to waver in their affections.

They both have Mars in Libra which can be very pleasant and agreeable but also argumentative at times. They will probably have their arguments just like any other couple, but will really enjoy making up again. The fact that they share so much Air energy indicates that they will be able to talk about issues that are bothering them, discuss them and find solutions that work for both of them. Mars in Libra above all wants everything to feel fair.

As we do not have an exact time of birth for Kate, the best way to understand the dynamics of their relationship is to look at the placement of her planets in William’s natal chart. Her Sun falls in his 1st house and this will mean that she makes him feel good. Being around her gives him more self-confidence, more vitality and more energy. Her Moon falls in his 7th house which is a wonderful placement for marriage and children. Her Jupiter in Scorpio falls in his 10th house which indicates that she will be a professional asset for him in his royal duties.

On the day of the wedding, 29th April 2011, there are 5 planets in Aries and they are placed at the top of the chart between the 9th and 10th houses. This indicates international relations, a great deal of travel, breaking new boundaries and bringing a new and fresh appeal for the future. Mercury is not retrograde which is good, and whilst some astrologers are getting concerned about the fact that the Moon will be void of course on that date, I see it as a minor detail in an overall lovely relationship that has the potential to blossom and to be long-lasting and happy. Let’s wish them well.

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