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Taurus 2011 Horoscope Forecast

Taurus 2011 Forecast

From June 4th 2011 until June 11th 2012, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune comes into your sign. This happens once every 12 years, so this is your year for some good fortune. The year may begin on a subdued note, but it will pick up pace as it goes along. Enjoy it!

Career and Money

This is a great year for expansion. If you have your own business, your sales should increase. If you work for others, there will be opportunities for advancement. This is a great year for negotiations where you will be able to pick up things inexpensively and sell them on for a great deal more money. It is a wonderful year to be self employed and to develop your entrepreneurial skills. If you don’t have a job and want one, now is the time to go out and apply for one. Try to spread you net wide and don’t just look in one area or in one particular location. The wider your net, the more chance you will have for success.

It may be a favourable year to enter into an agreement with another person. Make sure you know them and you can trust them and do ensure that you have any contracts or agreements checked over by lawyers before you make a commitment.

However, balanced against all this expansion is the fact that Saturn is in your house of work. You may find that your work ends suddenly and that you need to train in something else in order to find a new position. You may have challenges with your co workers and you may feel restricted in what you can and cannot do. If you employ people, you may need to make cutbacks. Saturn is about being realistic if the money isn’t there to cover salaries. You may undertake heavy responsibilities at work, you will be working very hard – maybe even harder for less money.

You are gradually changing your world view, the beliefs that you held, the things that were important to you – it could be your religious beliefs, your spiritual beliefs, it could be your understanding of the meaning of life. You will want to go deeper into an understanding of different cultures, different peoples, different places – the world, and even beyond the world as we know it – maybe into other planets, space travel, mind travel. You will be looking at these areas in a deeper way than you ever have before. You will be getting out of the mundane things – what is money about? What does it mean to me? Can I help others with these resources? How can I make better use of resources? This deep questioning will eventually result in more of a clear direction in your career because many of you have been feeling confused with your life direction.

If you are already in the film, media, acting industry – it will not be as confusing because many of the occupations in that field are about putting a mask on to the world and not necessarily being who you are. You will have a constant search for meaning and purpose. It will be important that you look at the people who you are working with are honest, whether they are deceptive, whether they are honest, whether you are deceiving people? Whether you are getting your needs met in the workplace. You may find yourself in and out of work – that you go from one type of work to another type of work. Nothing stays the same or stable. Jobs and work will have a transient feel – they come and go and if you can go with the flow (not easy for Taurus, I know!) – and have faith that something better is coming along, this transit will be easier for you to handle.

The 2nd half of the year should be much better than the 1st half as Jupiter the planet of good fortune moves into your sign after June. This would be the time to follow up on any glimmer of opportunity that comes into your life. It could hold a pot of gold behind it.

There will be a quest for you to find out what will satisfy you on all levels. This year you may need to let go of some friendships – where you have been doing a lot of the giving, maybe even rescuing and it’s time for you to see these friendships for what they are and that they have been draining your energy. You may need to let them go. There may be people who have been your friends for a long time but they are not going anywhere, you are not stimulated or excited by them. Maybe it’s time to let these relationships dissolve so that new people can come into your life.

New friends will be coming into your life and they will be exciting and interesting. Taurus doesn’t like to take big risks – but you may find yourself put into a situation that is beyond your comfort zone in a group or with your friends, and feel as though they are pushing you out – you will probably dig your heels in until you feel safe enough to make the move. Or it could mean the end of these friendships because they become too uncomfortable for you.

After June will be a time of excitement, a time of growth – and definitely a time when you should take more risks. It could also bring a special teacher or mentor into your life who will help you to move forward into new experiences. It will be a good time to meet new people, where you will feel accepted, where other people will want to take on the things that you are excited about. There will be a great deal of learning experiences. It’s not necessarily easy, because learning especially if you resist it can be painful, but when you have learned the lessons, you will feel empowered and stronger and more successful in your life. This still should be a great time for you. Lady luck is shining her light on you for the last 6 months of the year – so make the most of it!!

Between May and June Mars and Venus are in your sign. You will feel a boost of energy at this time – you might meet someone you really love. You may meet someone with whom you are on the same wavelength. It’s certainly going to be a good time for romance. You may have a tendency to overestimate someone’s good qualities or even be taken advantage by someone. Be careful of falling in love with someone who is already in a committed relationship.

Don’t scatter your energies or you will deplete yourself. Your energy levels should be coming back this year. After many years of feeling exhausted, life will start to pick up. However, it is vital that you put into place a good diet, regular exercise and time for rest and relaxation. With Saturn in this house of health, you will need to put good structures into looking after your health so that your body will take care of you in the years to come.

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