Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikileaks - does it affect you?

In November 2008 when Pluto was moving into Capricorn, I predicted that we would see greater transparency in our governments, banks, corporations and that information and secrets that had been withheld would be revealed. And just two years later, that prediction has come true. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and therefore is all about structures – it rules the authorities, our rulers, the financial institutions and big business and all authoritarian figures.

Now take a look at Wikileaks that comes along and threatens the security of many countries as they reveal information about businesses and governments around the world. And they have only just got started…

This weekend, Amazon Europe went down for over half and hour. Amazon said that it was a hardware issue, but was it really? After all, Amazon was among the first US firms to pull the plug on WikiLeaks since it began publishing thousands of US diplomatic cables, withdrawing hosting services last week after being questioned by the US Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Julian Assange has just been released on bail of £240,000 and he stated that he plans to continue with WikiLeaks and with releasing sensitive information. Many countries want to see him killed as they see him as such a threat. Right now there are over 3000 hackers from around the world who have joined his cause. Probably more are signing up all the time. They have pledged to ruin Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Amazon and any company that has rejected hosting their services. They are gathering momentum and this is just the beginning. What’s interesting is that they are so concerned with transparency and yet they are called the Anonymous Group and they themselves hide behind screen names. They are not transparent themselves.

The latest news is that one of Assange’s top men has split with him and started his own organisation called OpenLeaks. This organisation is going to feed bits of information to the media in dribs and drabs and then let the media do what they want with it. This then gets them off the hook and takes them away from the direct line of fire.

So as you can see, Pluto in Capricorn has brought about the breakdown of authority and power, unearthed secret information and people’s lives and property are at stake. We don’t know the power of these groups, but one sure thing is that they are just starting up. There is certainly much more to come.

All this ties into the Cardinal Climax with Saturn in opposition to Uranus. Saturn represents the authorities and the status quo while Uranus is all about change, revolution, breaking out and not allowing anyone to tell you what to do. And in the middle of these two powerful planets, making a square to both of them is Pluto, which intensifies these energies and creates changes that affect our entire planet.

We’ve had the riots in Greece, Ireland and the latest in the UK. The spontaneous attack on the Prince Charles and Camilla shows the degree of rage of the people against the ruling classes. The banks have had billions of dollars of bailout funds, yet they continue to post huge profits and give their management enormous bonuses, while the people are left with austerity measures, losing their homes, their money, their jobs… it any wonder that they are resorting to rioting at the injustice of it all? We will see more revolts, more uprisings as the situation becomes more polarized over the next 5 years during the waning square of Uranus to Pluto.

Although you are seeing in play out in government, you will also see it play out in your personal life. What should you watch out for?

Be careful about what you share and with whom – whether it’s information, material goods, contact, anything. Be aware of what you post on social networking sites – that’s where transparency and security are really at risk. Don’t tell everyone that you are going away on such and such a day – chances are you will have a robbery when you get back.

If you do internet banking – check it out. Is it really safe? Not only your money, but how about your identity?

We are all vulnerable in one way or another.

Be careful of your privacy
Be aware of your security
Be observant
Don’t move too quickly as to what is being said to you
Guard what you say and to whom

All your private details should be kept secret. Anything that you have always felt very secure about will feel as if the rug is being pulled out from under you. Stay vigilant and don’t take anything for granted.

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