Monday, October 10, 2011

Full Moon in Aries, October 12th

This is a very passionate moon and you’ll be feeling more emotional than usual. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac, is about new beginnings. The full Moon in Aries wants you to be yourself, to trust your intuition and to try out new things. Be courageous, don’t ignore your desires or you will feel as though you are exploding with frustration or anger.
Try not to upset anyone on the road by cutting in on their lane as emotions will be running high. Remember to avoid rash actions, take an extra second or two to centre yourself and remember to breathe. Very often there are more accidents during this Full Moon in Aries, so try to do things slowly and leave yourself enough time to get through congested traffic or to deal with a delay on public transportation so that you don’t arrive at your destination all sweaty and stressed out.

Don’t make any life changing decisions until a few days after this Full Moon has gone by because by then your emotions will have settled and you will be able to see things more rationally.

During this Moon in Aries, you may be upset at losing things from the past, but you will be able to put your faith into new beginnings. It renews your trust and
instills a new energy inside of you. You’ll probably feel restless and wanting to do more.

Good things to do during the Full Moon in Aries:
Set off on a new adventure
Travel light
Take a leap of faith
Look at where you are dependent on others and where you could stand on your own two feet and become independent
Adjust your self image and being able to work effectively with others
Be prepared to be blunt and truthful
Make time for your partner, your friends, maybe have a celebration
Great time for love making and romance after you have cleared any obstacles out of the way
Try out a new sport
Take courageous actions
Go it alone if necessary
Be true to yourself
Stand up for yourself
Plant new seeds
Plan new career goals
Celebrate your individual freedom
Face a threat or a confrontation directly
Allow your emotions out whether they are pretty or not
Take bold steps to do what you really want to do

Questions to ask yourself:
Am I being true to myself or am I being the person you think they want me to be?
What do I really want in my life?
What are my goals and what action steps do I need to take now

Wherever it falls in your chart, you will have an opportunity to be honest and to ensure that your needs are being heard and met. For example, if this Full Moon falls in your seventh house of relationships, you may find yourself more easily irritated and you will have to face any sore points you have in a relationship. You won’t be able to ignore any emotions that have been building up for a period of time. So you might need to get something off your chest in order to start fresh. You might on the other hand want to leap into a romantic situation without really thinking about the consequences.

In my chart, this Full Moon in Aries falls in my 10th house of career, I need to take an honest look at my business. Am I listening too much to other peoples’ opinions or am I being true to my own ideas? It’s about being bold and courageous, as I have had to be with announcing the predictions about more tsunamis, earthquakes, civil unrest, economic breakdown that show in the configuration of planets we have at this time. I cannot be the nicey nicey Libran, wanting to make it pleasant and acceptable for everyone, this Full Moon calls for a clear and decisive actions regardless of whether they are popular or not.

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