Sunday, October 16, 2011

Riots Worldwide - More to come??

This weekend, the Wall Street protests went global with demonstrations in many major cities around the world. So far most of the rallies have been small and quite peaceful, but in Rome there were tens of thousands of people who were prepared to be violent to get their point across. From New Zealand, to Australia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, the UK and many cities across the US.

What’s happening? Which planets are triggering these events and how does the future look? The two planets at play here are Uranus and Pluto. Let’s take a look at Uranus first. Uranus is all about sudden change, freedom, young people, disruption to the status quo, awakening to new possibilities. Uranus forces us to break out of patterns that have become too rigid. Uranus can become violent when it feels cornered and so many people are feeling like this now: they have huge debts, their homes are being foreclosed, their social security benefits are drying up, tent cities have sprung up in previously affluent areas and increasing numbers are unemployed. Look at the youth of today in so many countries where there are huge percentages without work and many don’t have much hope of ever finding a job. Uranus calls for justice, freedom and equality and it can spiral sudden riots, revolutions and even wars. In fact Uranus was first discovered in 1781 right in the midst of the French revolution. The difference today is that we have global communication systems that can reach millions of people within seconds and cause a worldwide movement overnight.

Now let’s look at the energy of Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation; it breaks down the old structures that are no longer serving us and over a long period of time new and better structures can emerge. Pluto rules our governments, our politicians, the banks, big corporations and it wants power and control and can be very manipulative. We are certainly seeing the subversive and controlling power of Pluto in our financial systems, our economies and our governments. When the difference between the haves and the have nots becomes too great, and reports show that the richest one percent of the population control over forty percent of the world’s wealth, and ten percent of the wealthiest people own over eighty-five percent of the world’s assets. With this kind of imbalance, the seeds of revolution have already been planted and great changes must eventually come to pass.

Both Uranus and Pluto are in cardinal signs: Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn. This means that their energies are especially strong and neither is going to give way. In Aries, Uranus is potentially a firecracker ready to go off at any moment. Aries rules weapons, war and destruction. It pushes people out in sudden surges to fight for freedom and justice.

The astrological reason why this is now coming to a head is that we have a square which is a very tense aspect between Uranus and Pluto. What is happening between now and May-June of 2012 is that this energy is building up and getting even stronger. And from June 2012 until the end of 2012, I’m anticipating that this is going to get much more violent and that we haven’t even begun to see the full force of it yet. Up until now, for the most part these demonstrations have been quite peaceful. As this square aspect tightens between Pluto and Uranus I think we’re going to see much more civil unrest, and sudden outbreaks of anger, violence and destruction.

Uranus is all about the people coming together in a world community. With Pluto in Capricorn many of our major structures will have to be broken down in order for something new and more equitable to emerge. I think it will all accelerate from June 2012. We’ll see tighter regulation, more taxes, more stringent immigration laws, trade embargoes, with the powers that be trying to exert more and more control over their citizens.

As the square becomes tighter, the tension will increase and we will see some big shifts. What needs to happen is that people don’t only demonstrate about what they don’t want any more, but that they start thinking about the kind of world they do want to create. We need a direction that we are excited about that we are moving towards. What do we want for our world?

In the early years of this century, there were times when stock markets in different countries moved in different directions from one another. For example even if the US markets fell, the Singapore market might rise. Now, however, our global stock markets are so intertwined that when one falls they all fall like a pack of cards. This is one of the reasons why I think we urgently need to come together not only to fight for freedom but to become clear about what it is that we do want to create for our new world.

This square also manifests on a physical level as far as earth changes are concerned. Pluto in Capricorn rules our physical earth and the square to Uranus means that we are likely to see an increase in the number and severity of earthquakes, tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, severe weather patterns and flooding all of which is likely to happen quickly and unexpectedly. Also expect disasters concerning travel, airplanes, rail, roads and ships. The recent oil spill and disaster in the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand is a recent example. Always with Uranus we are taken by surprise.

Look at where this square falls in your own astrological chart: where are you being too rigid, too controlling, suppressing your life force and where do you need to break out, to take risks, to let go of control and envision a brighter future? Perhaps it falls in your sixth and tenth houses? This could mean that you are attached to eating and drinking things that you know are no good for you, but you continue to eat them while knowing that you are threatening your health in the future. Maybe you have been putting up with a very controlling boss and you need to speak out and risk the consequences? Or maybe it’s in your fourth and seventh houses. Perhaps you’re in a relationship where your partner is very manipulative and you’ve suddenly awakened to their destructive behaviour and you realise you need to walk away? Maybe you’ve been living at home with your family and the tension is getting too much and you need to move out?

As this aspect is strengthening over the next year it’s going to be very valuable for you to know which life areas are being triggered in your life so that you can become aware of the areas where you are stuck so that these Uranian energies don’t have to be destructive, painful and traumatic but they can be exciting, uplifting and inspiring.

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