Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Moon in Scorpio October 26th 2011

This New Moon at 3 degrees Scorpio gives you the opportunity to look deep inside yourself, to question what is important in your life and to strip away anything that is no longer serving you. It could be a car that’s not really working properly, it could be your house that needs some repairs, it could be a business that isn’t giving you pleasure any more, it could be a relationship that’s lost its fire…Be prepared to discard what is not working and release it. Don’t hang on. Make space for new, more nourishing experiences to come into your life. Scorpio is all about letting go. The more you hang on, the more difficult it will be for you. If you go along with the changes that are being asked of you, your life will be a whole lot easier to manage.

What are your deepest wishes? If you are stuck in a quagmire of emotions and unhealthy habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals, use this New Moon in Scorpio to set serious new goals and intentions. Scorpio inspires persistence and determination, the courage to face unpleasantness and hardship in order to grow stronger, and ultimately become more confident and more satisfied with your life.

Anything connected with other people’s money, joint resources, inheritances and financial partnerships may come up for resolution during this time so be ready to examine your finances in depth.

Good things to do:
Try to figure out the source of difficulties in your life and make a conscious effort to resolve them.
Get plenty of rest as this could be a time when you will have some interesting and insightful dreams.
Have a long bath or hot spa
Don’t let the emotional intensity isolate you, allow it to draw you closer to others.
Discard the old and allow the new to come in
Focus on your self improvement and empowerment
Face your addictions and take steps to free yourself from them e.g. food, gambling, drinking, social networking…etc.
Develop your personal magnetism by working on the strength of your character
Develop your creative gifts
Meditate, pray, ask for guidance
Be still and quiet
Solve a mystery
Do some serious soul searching
Go on a detox
Be honest even if it’s difficult to do
Feel all your feelings
Develop your psychic power
Connect with your sexual energy
Learn how to welcome and manage intensity

Find out where this New Moon falls in your chart, and you will see which life area is being most impacted. For me, it’s in my 5th house of creativity and my own business. I’ve been hanging onto a web hosting company because I have paid so much in advance to them for their services. However, I have not been satisfied with their way of doing business and despite losing a considerable sum of money, I am transferring to another provider who I feel can more meet my needs. I have come to terms with letting go of the money in order to be treated in a more favourable way. Scorpio often indicates a loss – and in this case it’s money – in order to move onto something new and better.

So for example, if you are a Taurus or have Taurus rising, the New Moon in Scorpio will be in your 7th house of relationships. You may need to ask yourself whether there are relationships in your life that you need to let go of, or maybe let go of control, make radical changes, take back your power, be prepared to be alone, face the issues you have been avoiding, look at the issues that have been bothering you, see if they can be resolved and if not, be prepared to walk away.
If you don’t have a birth chart, then use your Sun sign or your rising sign if you know it.

If you are an Aries Sun or Ascendant, it will fall in your 8th house.
Taurus Sun or Ascendant, in your 7th house
Gemini Sun or Ascendant in you 6th house
Cancer Sun or Ascendant in you 5th house
Leo Sun or Ascendant in your 4th house
Virgo Sun or Ascendant in your 3rd house
Libra Sun or Ascendant in your 2nd house
Scorpio Sun or Ascendant in your 1st house
Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant in your 12th house
Capricorn Sun or Ascendant in your 11th house
Aquarius Sun or Ascendant in your 10th house
Pisces Sun or Ascendant in your 9th house

This is a powerful New Moon so make the best use of its energies in your life.

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