Friday, September 17, 2010

Full Moon in Aries on September 23rd - what does it mean?

Full Moon in Aries 23rd September with Sun in Libra

This particular Full Moon in Aries is very powerful as it is at 0 degrees. It’s giving you a blank canvas to move forward in your life. You can start absolutely fresh, no holds barred. Think of it as starting out on a new adventure. Whatever has become stale or old in your life can now go, stop focusing on it, and start to put your attention into moving forward and not resisting the changes ahead of you. This Full Moon in Aries can renew your faith and infuse you with a new zest and vitality for life. Take advantage of its energy and decide that you will stop procrastinating, you will move ahead, fearlessly into a new chapter in your life. For the Northern Hemisphere it marks the beginning of Autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere it coincides with the Spring equinox. The seasons are changing and so must you.

Aries has a tendency to be very impatient and can be easily irritated so don’t be surprised if you feel these emotions more intensely during this period.

The main focus area will be you and your relationships. Emotions that have been building up over the last few weeks, months or years will burst out. If you have been putting off communicating about something that has been bugging you, chances are that the fiery energy of this Full Moon will spur you to get it off your chest – and you won’t be too worried how it comes out! This is a great time for honesty in your relationships, even if it is unpleasant, it’s better to have it out in the open. You will be faced with the sore points in your relationships and you’ll have the opportunity to resolve them. Make time for your partner, your friends or people who are important to you. It would be a good time to have a celebration. It’s also a great time for love making and romance once you have cleared up all the obstacles and issues.

The energies of Aries and Libra are totally different. Aries thinks of itself and what it wants whereas Libra thinks of others and puts its own needs on the back burner. This Full Moon in Aries is asking you to look at the balance in your relationships and to evaluate whether you are giving too much or taking too much. The Aries energy will be pushing you to look at your own needs and to stick up for yourself more and to be more assertive.

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