Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Moon Madness in Virgo

New Moon Madness in Virgo

On September 8th we have a New Moon in Virgo. The effects of this energy will be with us until October 6th.

What is the best way to deal with the energies of this new moon?

Virgo rules your physical health, your body, your work and the service you give to others.

Think about your health and ways in which you can look after yourself better. Do you need to improve your diet, your exercise regime? Do you need to go on a cleanse? How can I clean myself inside and out? What routines can you put in place that will enhance your health?

It’s a great time to sort out anything in your house or your living area. Decluttering will be much easier during a Virgo new moon than at any other time as you are working with the energies. Throw out things that you really don’t use or need any more – either give them away to charity or sell them and get some extra cash. Virgo is all about discernment – keeping what is really necessary and letting the rest go.

Watch out that you don’t get ultra critical and find fault with everyone around you. Virgo can be extremely critical and picky, so make sure you don’t become insufferable to live with during this time.

Sort out your office, do that filing you have been putting off, streamline everything to make your life easier.

Enjoy having a good clear out this month in more ways than one!!

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