Saturday, January 1, 2011

Capricorn 2011 Astrology Forecast

This is a big year for you which can feel incredibly empowering or it can feel like a threat to your very survival in terms of business, relationships and health. There may be sudden changes of plans and you will need to be patient and adaptable to changing circumstances.

Pluto is in your sign and many of you have been experiencing a breakdown of certain areas in your life since Pluto went into Capricorn in November 2008. This is giving you an opportunity to begin again. Maybe it’s been a letting go, maybe you have had a loss. You now need to find the inner strength as to how you will pick yourself up and move forward. What can be very helpful during these times is to study something like astrology or any of the metaphysical subjects to help give you a better understanding of the deeper levels inside you. Pluto will force you to renew yourself.

Career and Money
This year has great potential in business for you with many high points, but at the same time, the risk of sudden reversals. This will be a year when you may feel compelled to make major changes in your life. Consider each change seriously before taking action, because once you have taken action it may be very hard to undo. If after due consideration you think that the proposed change will realistically improve your life, then go for it. If not, then let it go.

It is a good time to get rid of clutter and reducing your responsibilities. If you are an employer, you may cut back your staff this year. You will have the urge to simplify your life, especially your work.

Unexpected events are likely to arise this year. Expect your plans to be disrupted but try not to panic. You will need to adjust quickly. Make sure you have all your files constantly backed up as problems with technology and computers are a possibility. You could lose a great deal of information that is vital to your work under these aspects.

Expect changes in your clients or the buyers of your products or services if you are in business for yourself. Many new clients will come in, and some older ones will drop away. There is an overhaul taking place in your work area and not all of it is within your control. However, the changes that you may be forced to make will turn out to be a blessing in the end.

Don’t lend money and don’t borrow money this year. If you lend money, you may never get it back without some difficulty or tension. You may lose the relationship you had with that person. If you borrow money, you may find that its use did not generate the returns you anticipated and it will create a great deal of stress for you to repay it.

This would not be a year to get involved with any kind of gambling or anything speculative particularly if you are worried about losing money. If you can just go along with it and say hey, I’m just having a little flutter and I don’t care if I win or lose – that’s a different matter, but if you really care if you are going to lose money, then you probably will.

You may have to take on more responsibilities at work and you may be more productive at work. This could be a year of fruition in your work for those who have been working hard towards a particular goal. If you want to be a leader in your field this is the year that your leadership role could be taken seriously.

After May or June, your income does look positive this year.

You are still in the process of reinventing yourself and your future. And in that process you are in a stage of your life where separations and divorces are more likely to unfold rather than marriages and new partnerships. The question to ask yourself is whether you feel you are ready for a deep relationship at this time. Or is there some self development you need to go through before you are ready to take on a committed relationship?

You won’t be lacking in companionship if you want it. Others do find you very attractive and charming right now. Perhaps because you are more inaccessible than usual, the demand for your presence is greater than usual. You have a mysterious aura about you this year which will only add to your magnetism.

From June onwards, if you are looking for a new romance or love, someone could come into your life unexpectedly. This can indicate a marriage or having children. Just make sure you feel emotionally ready for this kind of commitment before you take it on. As a Capricorn you tend to take everything very seriously and you love responsibility, but this would not be the best year to make that deep commitment. Try to keep it light and friendly, just not too deep and intense.

There will probably be some disruption in your home life. Some of you will be moving, some of you are going to break ties with your family. There may be upsets and you may lose contact with people but you are ready for a break. If you stop trying to find security so much you won’t find these transits too hard. There could be several moves, but certainly a feeling of being unsettled.

You have Venus in your sign twice this year and the optimum times for relationships will be in February and again at the end of November and into December. These are good windows of opportunity for you to meet someone new, to charm people and to have others accept and love you. There may be more than one person who is interested in a close companionship with you.

As a rule you do not do well when things happen suddenly and are outside of your control. This creates tension and stress and a tendency to worry. For this year pay attention to anything concerning your heart, back, teeth and skin. You will have to be careful you don’t become exhausted and overtired caused by a lack of balance in your life. A good diet, regular exercise and meditation will all help your health and well being immensely.

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