Saturday, January 1, 2011

Leo 2011 Astrology Forecast

Things should be looking up for you this year as you have many favourable aspects coming up.

Career and Money

If ever there was a time to study something new, a really deep serious course of study that maybe you have been thinking of doing, or maybe you have been putting off doing, or maybe you are already doing – this is a wonderful time to do it. This is a time when you will have the concentration to complete it. You will want to understand more, you want to add to your skills and that in turn will help with your financial situation. Many of you have been having issues with your finances – it’s been serious. Make a clear conscious decision that you are going to extend your skills in some way or another. It could mean running your own course, it could mean going back to school. It’s a good time to focus your mind into something structured and can be useful for you moving forward in your life. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a course of serious study as it will pay off in the long run.

For some of you it might be your partner that cannot find paid work and it is putting pressure on you to support them. For others there may be an inheritance but it is eluding you. There could be a lot of money going out that you had not anticipated. Try to live as economically as you can and not get into partnership situations if you can as there is a likelihood for loss. You may even lose your identity. Try to keep things clean and clear – get legal advice if you get involved in anything financial.

From June onwards is a great time to look at overseas opportunities. It would be an optimal time to publish a book, to write a book, to compose music, to write a play, to teach a course you have developed and to market it globally.

You will be experiencing great changes in how you work and the way in which you work. You will have to find ways of sticking up for yourself in your work area. Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, you will have to be more assertive and not allow yourself to be pushed about. Many of you may be going through a difficult process in your work area – and maybe it means that you decide to be self employed and take control of your work environment. Do you need to make changes in the way in which you work? Do you need a quieter environment to work in? Do you need to work from home? All these issues will be coming up for you to think about in your work area.

This year you could start reinventing yourself in your career. It may involve something connected with technology, astrology, media or else it is something that puts your face out in front of people and promotes a service or product that excites you. You may come up with some ingenious marketing ideas for yourself or someone else. All of this has the potential to lead up to an increased income and more sales.

This is a year when your organisational and planning skills can really benefit you. You always wanted to do something big, and now is your chance to do it. It can be something new, something big and something that you are passionate about.

Be careful about the people who work around you or for you. Make sure they are representing you properly. They may think they have the power rather than you, and a conflict may occur where you have to ask them to leave. Or if you are doing a service for someone, make sure they are not covering something up and that they are credible. Check them out thoroughly before you get involved with them. As long as you ensure that the people and the conditions you need to support your new career are in place, you can achieve great success.


This is an area of great possible success this year. You have natural charm and you radiate confidence. People will be attracted to you and you will be very popular. This can be a very enjoyable time of your life as it is positive for all types of social encounters. If you want to expand your circle of friends, you will be able to do it. If you want love and romance, it will be there for you. If you want a committed partnership, that too can be there for you this year. If you are single, you may choose to get married or engaged now.

Some of you may be making big sacrifices for a partner, a relationship, a business partner – where you are giving a lot and maybe not getting a whole lot in return. You are not seeing some of your relationships clearly enough. Try to step back a little. If someone is draining your energy, maybe it’s time not to give so much.

From late July until Mid August Venus is in your sign which means it will be a great time to have love come into your life. From September 19th to November 10th Mars is in your sign which will give you a boost of energy and will be a great time for you to be proactive in getting what you want.

You should feel good this year. As you begin to enjoy life more, you will feel younger and more energised. Your feeling of good health will grow as you complete the goals you set out to do knowing you did a good job. The overall picture for your health is good but you do need to be aware of any warning signs that your body gives you. For example, if you are having headaches, don’t just take a pill, try to find out what is causing those headaches and work on the cause rather then the symptom.

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