Saturday, January 1, 2011

Libra 2011 Astrology Forecast

You are still under the influence of the Cardinal Climax and this is likely to be a period of great transformation in your life when you leave one path and start another direction in your life. Focus on looking at yourself and reinventing who you are. This can be an exciting year if you use it well as it can help you to create new and solid foundations for many years to come.

Career and Money

Your career may be at a crossroads with you wondering which path to take from here. Many of you are not happy where you are and it is important that you see this as an opportunity to reinvent your career. You will need to invest a great deal of time and energy to build the kind of work life you really want. Your greatest skill is in networking and in connecting with others. If they give you the chance, you will find a way in. You may find that people are reluctant to make commitments to you right now, especially in business, perhaps because they are worried about their own future. It is not necessarily a reflection on your or your talents as it has more to do with the state of the economy and how it affects their business.

Your work life will have many ups and downs this year and you will be forced to think up new ways in which you can bring life into your work. As an Air sign, you are full of good ideas, the key is in being able to follow them up and bring them into reality. If you are prepared to hustle a bit and to be more assertive, there will be some good opportunities in your work area, but they may be short lived. Be open to a flash of intuition – “ooh yes I will make that phone call, ooh that looks like something interesting I saw on the internet – maybe I will follow up and find out more.” Even if it is something fleeting – don’t just let it go – do something about it and see where it takes you.

Libra likes everything to be pleasant with no conflicts. But with Saturn in your sign you may have to face more unpleasantness, arguments and disagreements than ever before in order to bring a balance back into your life. It may feel disheartening at first, but if you see it as an opportunity to stick up for yourself, you will feel empowered in the long run. Saturn likes to streamline things and doesn’t like anything that is superfluous. What is really past its sell by date in your life will need to go so that you can put in new structures to move forward. One door closes and another door opens. You have to shut the door firmly before the new door can open. It might be a business relationship that needs to end that is long overdue. It might be a partnership that you haven’t wanted to end, or maybe you had big dreams about – but the writing is on the wall and maybe it’s time to accept it and move on.

It would be wise to be economical this year, but this should not be too difficult, because in spite of your expensive tastes, you are basically a frugal person when it comes to spending your own money. You can spend other people’s money without any difficulty, and in doing so, you find things of great value for them. This is one of your talents. You are a good shopper and negotiator. But you may find that because of the economy people have less money to spend, so don’t be discouraged if they put you on an even tighter budget. You need to adjust to this new reality or else you will spend a great deal of time and energy worrying about your finances and career.

The first six months of the year will be the best time for finding employment or receiving offers for work. This is not the year for any speculative dealings. Play it safe and conservative and ensure that you have adequate insurance for your possessions.


Transformation and endings will be the key words describing many of your relationships this year. You may find that you cut loose some friends and others may cut you loose. This is a year when some relationships you value will end, but it is also a year when some relationships can get closer and deeper than ever.

For many of you there will be considerable changes regarding your home situation and some of you may move home or even to another country. People from your past come back into your life – either physically or you may have memories that are triggered about people in your past and you may get a deeper understanding as to what was going on at that time. Things that may have eluded you in the past may come to light with this transit. There are certainly going to be some powerful interactions with anyone you consider to be your family. There may be some power struggles – huge differences of opinion or perception and you may find yourself digging your heels in and insisting on what you want instead of being all sweetness and light.

For those of you looking for a new relationship – this could be your lucky year! A particularly beneficial time is when Venus is in your sign from 14th September to 9th October. If you are single you may receive a marriage proposal this year. You will have no problem in attracting others, but you may have some difficulty in seeing the situation clearly. Ask yourself questions like “what do we have in common?” “Do we share the same kinds of values and beliefs?” “Are our lifestyles and temperaments compatible?” If the answers are truthfully positive, then go for it. If you are not sure, then wait before you make a serious commitment.

You will have the opportunity to make some lovely friends this year. People who are exciting and interesting will come into your life. There may be lessons to be learned – who you give to, how generous you are – are you being too generous? Are you taking too much? Try not to go over the top, and find the balance of give and take in all your relationships.

You will need to be more careful and more disciplined about your diet and exercise then ever before. Many of your ailments are caused by worry. You have a tendency to worry about the future, your relationships and your health. All that worry drains your energy and vitality. Stop worrying about whether people like you or not. There is precious little you can do to make them like you and the sooner you let that go, the better you will feel. You may need to take special care of your teeth and your skin.

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