Saturday, January 1, 2011

Scorpio 2011 Astrology Forecast

For many of you this will be a year of completions and endings. You may need to withdraw and analyse your behaviour and the results you have been getting in your life. Try to look forward and not so much back. Discard the things that really need to go.

Career and Money

This year will be erratic in regard to your work and finances. There will be opportunities to advance and to make more money, but it may not be clear that you can or want to do this. On the one hand, you seem to be gaining power and influence in what you are doing. If you have been working assiduously where you are, you will have made some progress. You may not want to leave and deal with unknown factors that could change your life right now.

Yet there will be opportunities for change and they may involve more money. The cost will be that you may have to give up that which you have just put carefully together. It might be a tough decision and there may be other people who are relying on your stability right now and you may have obligations to fulfill. You don’t want to risk losing that even if it means giving up a chance for earning more money.

For those of you who would like to be self employed this is a wonderful time for starting a new business. If you are already self employed this is a great year for expanding your business. It will not be a time to speculate in risky deals, but it is a time to promote your ideas, to network what you do. Anything with a creative or artistic bent has a great chance of success. Try to focus on doing what you enjoy and making a living from it. Focus on anything that gives you pleasure and that you feel passionate about. This would be the year to create a business from your passion.

You will need more freedom in your work area – feeling as though you need to break out – you will be saying that you cannot stand authority figures, you cannot stand being told what to do – you will be craving for a break from it all – to do things your own way. Be careful that you don’t lead to your own demise where you get thrown out of your job. Many of you will find that work will be erratic and will come and go. You will have a job for a while and then it may disappear. Be prepared to do temp work, part time work or be prepared to develop your own business.

It would also be a good year to do anything in your community – volunteering, helping, being of service. This could lead to paid work as long as you don’t do it with that intention at the outset.

If you are married or are in a stable relationship, for the most part things should go smoothly. If you are not in a committed relationship and you would like to be, you may receive a serious proposal this year. It could work well as long as you don’t ascribe qualities to that person that they don’t really have. You have a tendency to put on rose coloured glasses when you are “in love” and you don’t see the person as they really are. Only later on do you come back to earth with a bump. See the person for who they are and don’t try to change them.

For much of this year there will be a great focus on your surroundings and some of you may have issues with siblings or with family in general. You may want to move away from where you are living. You may find a short, seemingly trivial trip has a life changing effect on you. This will be a wonderful time for doing deep research, anything you want to develop in secret – a product, a patent – a drug – this would be a great year to do it. You will be able to get information that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

You may feel unsettled in your home area. And you may be feeling as though you are sacrificing a lot for the people around you – your family, your parents, your children. There can be some difficult issues with parents – misunderstandings and confusion with older people. Try to be patient and listen very carefully to what is being said.

The best time for romance and marriage is towards the middle of October to the beginning of November when Venus is in your sign. But with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune influencing your relationships for the first six months of the year, there is a strong possibility of a relationship blossoming into something more, or a new relationship coming in, or a big learning going on in an existing relationship. All your relationships will have great learning potential this year – your personal and professional ones. It would be a good year to find a team of professionals to work with or for you.

The main thing this year is not to overdo anything. Don’t push yourself too hard. If your body is asking for a break, stop and take a breather. Don’t doggedly persist until you are absolutely exhausted and vulnerable to any infection that might be going around. Overall your health should be good but it is up to you to maintain your level of health. You might want to try a cleanse or a fast. Don’t overindulge in sweet and fatty foods. There will be a tendency for weight gain this year.

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