Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sagittarius 2011 Astrology Forecast

There will be many opportunities for success for you this year.

Career and Money
You will have many opportunities for growth in your work and in your finances. You may be offered a new position, or the opportunity to develop a new product or service that could be extremely successful. This could be a major break for you and lead to a period of rapid professional growth. However, you may need to relocate to access all these opportunities. If you are a writer, this is a great year to get published. If you are in sales, this should be very good year. Your charm and friendliness will work a treat on people and will open up doors for you.

This is a great time to learn as many new skills as you can, especially in anything connected with technology. You may find yourself teaching and training others. You will have the ability to draw money to you this year, but beware of your tendency to be overconfident and take on too many risks. That could be your downfall. Be aware of your limits and act within them. The danger is that once you start feeling really good and you don’t want any limits imposed on your activities.

You will need to pay attention to how you communicate with people. There is the possibility of misunderstandings and confusion. You must be especially careful with anything connected with negotiations. You might get misrepresented and misunderstood. If there is anything really important, make sure you get a couple of legal opinions before you sign contracts. With this aspect you have to be very careful. Even with the best will in the world there could be confusion in communications, especially with contracts and agreements.

You may want to go it alone this year rather than working in a team or with others. For those of you who are used to doing things alone, it will feel very comfortable. For those of you who are not used to doing things alone, you may find that others are not cooperating very well and you may feel as though they are getting in your way. You will want to do things your way and not be told what to do. If you take the chance and rely on your own initiatives they will pay off handsomely this year.

For those of you who have been working towards your goals and your wishes this could well be the year when much of it comes to fruition for you. It can be a wonderful time. For those of you who haven’t been working on your dreams and wishes you may find that things are dropping away now for you to begin again and to start fresh. It may feel a bit disappointing but you will be starting with another blank sheet of paper and you can fill it up again with new and exciting dreams.


Your charisma is very strong this year and you will attract many interesting people into your circle. People will like you and you may find yourself doing all kinds of new activities with others. You may travel in a group to exciting new places or you may travel alone and meet new people.

Your life looks exciting in terms of love and romance. In love, others will be drawn to you and this will increase your self confidence. In friendships, a wealth of new and exciting experiences awaits you. It’s a year to focus on having fun and pleasurable times with others.

Between January and March there could be completions of friendships or even an intimate relationship. It may be time for someone to exit your life. As long as you have learned the necessary lessons, you will be able to let the relationship go and allow something new and more satisfying to come in. You may get into a relationship very quickly, you may marry quickly, you may even have an affair. Your relationships will be very stimulating and you may feel butterflies in your stomach with all the excitement.

This year has great potential for those of you who are looking for a committed relationship, but try not to rush into it. An especially good time for love and romance will be in November when Venus is in your sign.

There will be a focus this year on your home and family. For those of you who are thinking of moving this year, you will most likely make that move. You might want to move far away as you will not want restrictions around you any more. For those of you who are living at home, you will want to break out. For those of you who are living with someone else, you may find you need more freedom and more space. This feeling will be pretty strong until March. Old ties with the past may be broken, and you may feel a temporary sense of being rootless.

You may feel restless and stressed. You need to relax, slow down, breathe and calm yourself. Otherwise you could experience unexpected physical problems. For example, you might feel as though your heart is racing. The more you can get outdoors, the better you will feel. You might even feel like doing some challenging physical activities. You should not be lacking in energy this year. Just make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and that you listen to your body when it wants to rest.

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