Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Moon in Aquarius - what's great to do?

The worst thing you can possibly say to an Aquarian is “ you look just like someone I know…” They hate to be categorised with anyone else at all as they are individuals and therefore one-offs. Don’t lump them together. So in keeping with this energy of Aquarius, it’s time to be the unique individual that you are. Think about ways in which you really are different and don’t be afraid to speak out. My Aquarian friends sometimes make me hold my breath when I am out with them in public because you can never be quite sure what they will say because they don’t care what other people think. And of course, for a Libran who wants to keep everyone happy, an off the wall Aquarian comment can ruffle people’s feathers.

The New Moon at 13 degrees Aquarius on February 2nd 2011 is a time to begin new projects and thoughts for the coming month. This is especially timely as this New Moon brings in with it the start of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.

What does this mean for you and how can you make the best use of its energies? Here are some tips:

start thinking in new ways in order to solve your problems
think optimistically about the future for yourself and for mankind
set up a brainstorming session with a group of people and allow your imagination to run wild
see your life from a more detached perspective and don't get too caught up in your emotions or other people's dramas
learn how to put something together or how to make something new - this applies to anything electrical, technological or scientific
force yourself to go outside your comfort zone and try new experiences
join a group or organisation with which you share common goals and interests
Do something wild – something totally out of character
Dare to be different – you might want to dress differently, speak differently, do you work in a new way
Find new friends – reach out to different people – don’t judge people by their covers
Update yourself technologically – how to market yourself, become more familiar with social networks, update your equipment, update your knowledge
Ask yourself what you can do differently to have more satisfaction in your work and in your relationships
Try to think about what your future needs will be and then draw up a game plan for catering to them
Think about ways in which you help others in your community or even globally
For me, this New Moon falls into my 8th house which will encourage me to come up with new ways of helping and advising people with their financial situation. It’s vital to come up with out of the box thinking right now because the economic situation globally is changing so quickly and new strategies and thinking are needed to maneuver around the potential pitfalls in this volatile climate. It’s a great opportunity for me to bring innovative ideas into my business or even to incorporate a new business. With it being so close to my Part of Fortune, it could mean that some of the new projects I have been working on for a while will start to come to fruition.

The New Moon in Aquarius is experimental, liberated, adventurous, and focused on "the future."

On a personal level, your friendships, social and professional network, intellect, and imagination may receive considerable attention as you search for resources, information, viewpoints, and new possibilities to try and to incorporate into the way you approach your own life. It’s a great time for brainstorming, for trying out new things, for creating new ideas of your own.

You may also feel more impatient, volatile, abrupt, explosive, or "on edge" emotionally -- depending on how well you deal with a subliminal demand to be eccentric, radical, original, "unique," and totally fresh in the way you deal with your life now. In other words, the rebel inside you is not going to be quietly contained any longer.
You may feel a need to do something totally wild -- and very unlike you -- something that breaks the restraints and blasts you out of your rut into something different and challenging, some situation where being unique and willful is an asset and encourages a more liberated life. It's a time to kick loose, take some risks, leave your conservative ways behind and to let yourself see what something revolutionary and maybe even extreme might offer in adding spice and new opportunities to your life.

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