Saturday, January 1, 2011

Virgo 2011 Astrology Forecast

This year is a huge focus on your finances, your values, what is important to you, your relationships, your work and your ideals. You will have the opportunity to build something new in your life.

Career and Money

If you are in business for yourself, sales and clients are likely to increase this year. If you work for a company, you may be rewarded for streamlining processes and helping the company become more efficient. This should be the start of a more stable period for you at least in terms of what you do and the direction you are going in. As long as you stay focused, you will likely succeed in all you do as you are also intelligent and bright. The more organised you are, the more smoothly everything will run and you will be able to accomplish a great deal in a short space of time.

You will be making money this year, but you do need to ensure that you pay off any debts you may have accumulated. Be frugal if necessary and squirrel away any money you make and don’t spend needlessly. You will have enough to cover your needs, just not enough for all of your wants. Focus on being grateful for what you do have in your life and you will find that your income and prosperity will grow. Try not to keep score, as Virgos are apt to do, and this too will free up the flow of riches to you. The issue is that you often get insecure about money and your worrying about it only makes it worse and can drive the money away from you. So the best way of dealing with this is to work out what you need, find a way to cover those expenses to the best of your ability, pay down any debts you have and then forget about it. Then it will not bother you too much. Look at your values and make sure you are living by those values and not according to another set of values that you may have learned from your parents or peers.

There could be deception in your work area with people who are telling you things that are not true. You may need to watch your back at work. Stay alert and be careful who you trust and who you speak to. Cover yourself by confirming all verbal conversations in writing. You will then have a paper trail should you need it in the future.

If you are in a close relationship, your partner’s finances many be erratic this year. You could receive a surprise inheritance. Try to keep your finances separate from anyone else if you possibly can. The more financially independent you are the better. Look at your finances in greater detail: Are you with the right bank? Are you spending more than you earn? Do you have too many debts that you need to make a plan to pay off? If you need to get advice, make sure you get at least three different opinions before you commit your money to anything.

For those of you who are in a relationship it may be intense and difficult. If you get into a new relationship, you may become obsessed with this person. If you have children you may find that the relationship with them intensifies. You may get involved with someone who you really know instinctively is not good for you but you have a fascination for them and you cannot get out from under their spell. Watch out for the dynamic of the relationship from the beginning so that if you need to get away from their energy, you able to do so. Be aware that you may be drawn to someone who is almost mesmerizing you against your will. There may be some heavy moments where you will have to assert what is important to you and not allow yourself to be manipulated by other people. If you are in a relationship it could come under difficulties and intensities, but if it survives this transit then it will be stronger than ever and it will probably survive forever.

In one way or another, some of your relationships will be disrupted this year. There could be a new relationship that comes into your life that seems really exciting, but it could disappear just as quickly. There will be more new people coming into your life but you will have to be discerning and ensure that the people you let close to you either emotionally or in business are trustworthy. Don’t allow yourself to be taken in. Some of you get involved in a relationship too quickly and only afterwards use your discernment skills. Try to use your discernment skills up front and then you will not run into trouble.

From August 22nd to September 15th Venus is your sign and it is a great time to attract love into your life. You will be able to get things done more easily as people are more drawn to you and will want to please you. With Mars in Virgo from November 11th to the end of year you will feel more confident and more assertive at that time with a great boost of energy. This will be a good time to proactively go out and introduce yourself to new people.

Over the last several years there has been uncertainty with your work and your future has been a source of great worry to you. But as these issues get settled and your direction becomes more stable, your health will improve greatly. You would benefit from anything that helps you to relax and soothes your nervous system. E.g. massages, hot cups of tea, a sauna, a spa, a walk in the country. Even though things are improving for you, there is still a tendency to worry and for your nervous system to be on edge. If you learn how to relax on a consistent basis, you will notice a huge difference in the quality of your sleep and in your energy levels.

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